1-3 December, 2017 : Winter Beer, Cider & Pie Festival


Tasting Notes for Three Crowns Winter Festival 1st - 3rd December 2017

BEERS.   12 available at one time. Why not try our NEW MUFFIN TIN OF PLEASURE. 3 or 6 thirds taster trays.

Ashley Down, Bristol. Late November (B) - 4.4%. A welcome return for Vince, literally from the ashes of his garage brewery. His first beer following the fire. Currently brewing thanks to Twisted Oak. This bitter (should have been a smokey one) was going to be named December, but was brewed early, hence it's name. - 1st.

Branscombe Vale, Devon. Yo Ho Ho (B) - 6.0%. A strong English Ale, small amounts of spice, with a deep caramel flavour and a hint of raisins.  Strong & quaffable. - 1st.

Brotherhood, Westbury Wiltshire. Winter Ale. (B) - 4.6%. No tasting notes. A new brewery & all beers from them have been good. Enjoy.

Castle Combe, Hullavington Wiltshire. Dark Lane (D) - 5.5%. The only surviving beer from the Castle Combe brewery, now part of Flying Monk. I'm advised that the recipe has been changed for the better. It was a favourite at The Crowns - can it be better ?

Cross Bay, Lancaster. Halo (L) - 3.6%.  A classic English Pale Ale. Spicy marmalade & orange aromas. Hoppy.

Dark Star, W.Sussex. Bock. (D) - 5.0%.  A rich dark brown beer with a malty aroma, toasty caramel flavour and a well balanced bitterness. - 1st.

Dunham Massey, Manchester. Chocolate Cherry Mild. (D) - 3.8%.  A multi-award winning speciality mild, with a dry hint of cherry that cuts through the malt flavours. - 1st.

Electric Bear, Bath. Werrrd. (L) - 4.2%. An American Pale Ale, with aromas of grapefruit, mango & orange.  Vegan.

Good Chemistry, Bristol. Advent Horizon. (B) - 5.6%. A rich old ale styled beer, at a reasonable strength. 

Great Heck, N.Yorks. Mount Hood. (L) - 4.5%. A golden beer with a moderate bitterness. Clean & spicy aromas.

Grey Trees, Aberdare Wales. Chinookian (L) - 4.2%. A very pale ale, using a single hop variety, Chinook. Spice & pine aromas with subtle grapefruit notes.

Kettlesmith. Bradfod on Avon Wiltshire. White Label (L) - 5.8%. A strong Belgian winter ale. Expected to be hazy. - 1st.

Kingstone, Tintern Wales. 1503 Tudor (B) - 4.8%. A deep ruby ale. Lightly hopped with strong complex malty overtones. - 1st.

Lymm, Manchester. Bitter. (B) - 3.8%. Part of the Dunham Massey stable. An amber session ale.

Mad Dog, Pontypool Wales. Stouty Mc Stoutface. (D) - 4.5%. Great name - wonder where they got that from ?? Classic stout with smooth chocolate and roast flavours. 6 malts used.  Vegan. - 1st.

Moor, Bristol. Old Freddy Walker. (D) - 7.3%. A classic strong dark beer.  2017 CAMRA Champion Winter Beer of Britain. The judges said "a strong ale, with a rich flavour perfectly balanced between chocolate, honey, dark roasts and a hint of liquorice. It is a beer to sip and enjoy..." It's certainly enjoyed at The Crowns. - 1st.

New Bristol Brewery, Bristol. Mini Mo. (L) - 2.8% A real driver’s beer this. Low in alcohol, but strong in taste. Single hopped with Mosaic hops. - 1st.

Purple Moose, Porthmadog Wales. Snowdonia. (L) - 3.6%. Another CAMRA winner, Gold in the national bitter category 2012. A refreshing pale ale with aromatic hops. - 1st.

Silver Street, Bury Lancashire. Ruby Ruby Ruby  (B) 4.7%. A red premium bitter. Malty with biscuit flavours.

Three Daggers, Edington Wiltshire. Christmas Ale (D) 4.5%. Smooth dark & festive - What more can you say.

Tiny Rebel, Newport, Wales. Cwtch. (L) - 4.6%. CAMRA National Beer of the Year 2015. A champion red Welsh ale, using a blend of 6 malts & 3 hops. Cwtch (rhymes with butch) is Welsh for cuddle. - 1st.

Totally Brewed, Nottingham. Crazy like a Fox. (B) - 4.5%. A copper coloured hoppy ale with Belgian malts.

Untapped, Raglan Wales. Whoosh. (L) - 4.2%. A seasonal hoppy ale. Refreshing with tropical flavours. - 1st.

Weird Beard, London. Night of the Ryeclops. (D) - 6.9%.  A complex strong stout. Dark chocolate with crisp bitterness. 

1st = one of the first batch of twelve beers. 

AND ON THE SUBS BENCH, WE HAVE ..........................

Branscombe Vale. Festive Frolics (B) - 4.5%

Electric Bear. Raisin the Dead (D) - 6.0%

Electric Bear. Drop (B) - 4.3%

Kettlesmith. Plotline (D) - 4.4%

Moor. Confidence (B) - 4.6%

New Bristol Brewery. Citrus Hill (L) - 5.1%

Three Daggers. Ale (B) - 4.1%

CIDER/PERRY - 6 available at one time.

Broome Farm, Herefordshire. Alpaca Perry - 6.5%

Hecks, Somerset. Kingston Black - 6.5%

Lilleys, Somerset. Mango - 4.0%

Mates, Wiltshire. Linnet Rhubarb - 5.2%

Mates, Wiltshire. Red Leg Perry - 5.4%

Olivers, Herefordshire. Medium - 6.7%

Press Head, Wiltshire. Firestarter - 6.0%

Sheppys, Somerset. Raspberry - 4.0% 

Wilkins, Somerset. Dry & Medium - both 6.0%

Watkins, Herefordshire. Lazy Days Perry - 5.4%