7-9 December 2018 : Winter Beer Festival

Winter Beer & Cider Festival - 7-9 Dec 2018


Arbor (Bristol). Mosaic (L) – 4.0% - Gluten free single hop pale ale. Refreshing and easy drinking beer with pungent flavours of citrus and tropical fruits
Beat (West Midlands). Rocka (L) – 5.3% - A heritage beer, with huge citrus and tropical fruit notes combined with a touch of pine and spice.
Black Tor (Devon). Dunkel Weizen – 4.7% - German style dark wheat beer, limited edition.
Blue Bee (Sheffield). Coffee Milk Stout (D) - 5.9% - Dark, rich and smooth stout brewed using cold brewed Peruvian coffee.
Clouded Minds (Oxfordshire). 99 Steps (L) – 4.0% - Crisp English pale ale. Light, citrusy and easy-drinking thirst quencher with a lingering bitterness.
Good Chemistry (Bristol). ESB (B) – 5.6% -  Rich, sweet malt bomb of a beer. A premium bitter, a strong English ale, an ESB, one of the all time classic styles of beer. unfined & vegan
Intrepid (Derbyshire). Session (L) – 3.8% - An award-winning ever-changing session IPA using different blends of hops from around the globe. Little beer, big hops.
Kettlesmith (Wiltshire). Outline (B) - 3.8%  Malt-driven, low-alcohol session ale, with restrained bitterness. Hints of chocolate and molasses, balanced by floral and piney hops. unfined & vegan
Listers (W Sussex). Christmas Ale (B) – 4.4% - Deep, rich, malty best bitter.
Lord Conrad's (Cambridgeshire). Pheasant's Rise. (B) – 5.5% - Beechwood smoked malts, - UK assured malted barley and wheat - goes in to this brew along with hops at three different stages.
Milton (Cambridgeshire). Nike (D) - Ruby Ale – 4.7% - A delicate balance between maltiness and hops makes this dark ruby ale a distinctive and quaffable pint.
Moor/Lost & Grounded collaboration (Bristol). Sticks & Bones (D) – 4.7% - A complex smoked black ale, using weyermann malts brewed in collaboration.
New Bristol Brewery (Bristol). Cinder Toffee Stout (D) – 4.0% - Ultra smooth, jet black stout. Maris Otter, Crystal, Rolled Oats, Wheat, Roasted Barley and Chocolate Malts - & blow-torched Honeycomb.
Parkway (Somerset). Talking Parrot (B) – 3.8% - Golden session bitter.
Pershore (Worcestershire). Black Moon (D) - 5.0% - Award winning light Porter with deep roasted and dark chocolate maltiness, a hoppy aftertaste and a very light glow of ginger and lemongrass to lift the taste.
Plain/Kult (Wiltshire). Rebel (L) - 4.2% Hazy, juicy with a velvety feel from the malted oats. Flavours of tropical fruit and citrus, notes of resiny pine, hints of black tea.    unfined & vegan
Settle (Yorkshire). Blackthorn Sloe Porter (D) - 5.8% - Smooth rich, dark Porter infused with Yorkshire Sloes.
Three Castles (Wiltshire). Winters Gold (L) – 4.9% - A golden bitter with blackcurrant fruitiness & good hop flavours, leading to a strong dry finish.
Three Daggers (Wiltshire). Winter Festival.
Uley (Gloucestershire). Pigor Mortis (D) – 6.0% - A strong, rich, dark ruby, winter ale with a smooth, malty, bitter taste followed by a fruity, port-like finish.
Wessex (Wiltshire). Imperial Russian Stoat (D) – 9.0% - Full flavoured, thick, sweet with flavours of chocolate, black cherries, treacle. Bitter coffee and liquorice finish.
XT Animal. Ermine (D) - 4.6% - Milk Stoat Stout. Smoky smooth richness plus subtle sweetness from the lactose, hints of beech, chocolate and liquorice from a variety of malts.                                                                                           


Iford. Peto (Med). A kegged "craft cider" - 4.5%

Gwynt y Ddraig. Dog Dancer (Med) - 6.5%

Hecks. Dry 6.5%

Lilleys. Peach (Med/Sweet) - 4.0%

Mates. Rhubarb (Sweet) - 5.2%

Press Head. White Label (Med) - 5.2%

Snails Bank. Mango (Sweet) - 4.0%

Watergull Medium - 6.3%

Lilleys. Bee Sting Perry (Med/Sweet) - 7.5%