22-24 February 2019 : Women in Brewing Beer Festival

Our Real Ale Festival will run over the weekend of 22-24 February with up to 15 beers on at any one time (mostly cask, some keg) and our popular tasting trays on offer.  It will celebrate and showcase the significant role and contribution women have made to brewing, and will offer beers produced mainly where women are the brewers or brewery owners, or in some cases, part of the brewing/production teams.

The pub is holding several free and ticket-based events to support the festival theme, including a 'Meet the Brewster' session, Beer and Food Matching, and a tutored beer tasting and beer launch. Full details available at: https://www.facebook.com/events/292178204746179/.

We will have warm Malick's Jamaica patties on sale in 6 different flavours (Beef, Cheesy Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Saltfish, Vegetarian), plus filled rolls and pork pies.

The full beer list:

Boss (Wales) Black (D) – 5.5%
Boss (Wales) Brave (IPA) – 5.5%  1st
Corinium Ales (Gloucestershire) Firebird Amber Ale - 4.0%  1st
Corinium Ales (Gloucestershire) Gold I - 4.2%    SUN
Farmageddon (Northern Ireland) Porter #unfined #vegan  1st
Farmageddon (Northern Ireland) Wee Gold IPA - 4.2% #unfined #vegan
Good Chemistry (Bristol) Wits End Belgian-style Wit Beer - 4.1% #unfined #vegan KEG   SUN
Good Chemistry (Bristol) ESB - 5.6% #unfined #vegan   SUN
Good Chemistry/Stroud brand new collaboration beer 'Dubbel Bond'    SUN
Hiver (London) Honey Beer (L) – 5.0% KEG  1st
Hop Shed (Worcestershire) Phoenix Porter (D) - 5.2%  1st
Mallinsons (W Yorkshire) Ella (L) 3.9%
Mallinsons (W Yorkshire) Drama (L) - 4.4%  1st
Pershore (Worcestershire) Winter Warrior Bitter - 5.0%  1st
Pershore (Worcestershire) Control Alt Del Pale Ale - 4.8%    1st
Prospect (Lancashire) Silver Tally Pale - 3.7%
Prospect (Lancashire) Nutty Slack Dark Mild - 3.9% #unfined #vegan   1st
Stroud Brewery (Gloucestershire) Schwartzwalder Cherry Stout - 5.0 #organic KEG    SUN
Stroud Brewery (Gloucestershire) Hop Drop L - 4.5 #organic  1st
Wild Beer (Somerset) Millionaire (D) – 4.7%
Wild Beer (Somerset) Bibble (L) – 4.2%   1st
Wiper & True (Bristol) Milk Shake (D) – 5.6% KEG   1st
Wooha (Scotland) Blonde 4.0% #unfined #vegan   1st
Wooha (Scotland) Red Rye 4.2% #unfined #vegan
Wooha (Scotland) Scotch Ale 6.0% #unfined #vegan   1st 
Wooha (Scotland) Porter 5.0% #unfined #vegan

1st = On the bar first. On FRIDAY.

Sun = Reserved / definitely on the bar on SUNDAY.  Dubbel Bond will be available on the bar after the launch session.