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Beer Festivals



GIN TASTING NOTES with suggested garnishes..


Made by a process of cold compounding (infusing) and slightly tinted by its botanicals, which include the Juniper, which gives way to Cardamom and Cinnamon, with a late burst of Orange peel. A multi award winning American gin – Bold in flavour & perfume.

GARNISH: Lemon slice & a sprig of Rosemary.



Big citrus notes, with hints of menthol & floral tastes. Cool at first, but quickly mellows with warming citrus throughout. Long with a good spice finish.

GARNISH: Lemon or orange slice with a sprig of Thyme.


3. COATES & CO Plymouth gin – 41.2%

See if you can taste the difference between a Plymouth & a London gin, or even a Bermondsey. It should taste slightly less dry than the London version with more of an earthly feel & a softened juniper flavour.

GARNISH: Lemon or Lime slice & Coriander.


A quadruple distilled Cornish gin, made with locally foraged wild botanicals including Rock Samphire and Kombu seaweed. Crisp and fragrant with a little saltiness.

GARNISH: Try a little neat over ice. Or, a Lemon slice & a sprig of Thyme.


5. E.L.L.C. – LONDON DRY GIN – 40.0%.

The signature gin from The East London Liquor Co. Made with 100% wheat spirit & infused with a selection of botanicals, inc’ Lemon and Grapefruit peel, Cubeb berries, Cardamom, Coriander, Angelica root & Macedonian Juniper berries.

Opens with soft lemon drizzle cake and fresh Coriander, continuing subtly with Angelica & oodles of rich, oily Juniper. Interestingly, hints of Olive can be detected.

GARNISH: Lemon slice & Coriander leaf.



From Dijon, France. The saffron gives this gin a delicate spicy character. The addition of Coriander, Lemon, Orange Peel, Angelica Seeds, Iris & Fennel create a complex taste.

GARNISH: Peach slice.


Jawbox claims to be Ireland’s first single estate gin, with the grain used to make the spirit coming from the Echlinville Estate. 10 botanticals are used, including, Juniper, Lemon, Cubeb, Angelica, Coriader, Cassia & Black Mountain Heather. Bold in flavour, the peppery juniper starts it off, followed by fragrant angelica and citrus. Fresh pine with cardamom add a hint of spice.

GARNISH: Lemon slice and a sprig of thyme.


8. JENSON OLD TOM GIN – 43.0%.

A Bermondsey gin, which is slightly sweeter and uses less Juniper than a London gin. Bermondsey makes a superb Martini, with a rich, tangy flavour and an incredible nose.

GARNISH: Slice of green Apple.



A Spanish, triple distilled fruity gin. Botanicals include Bitter Orange, Mango, Grapefruit, Passion Fruit, Pineapple & Yuzu.

GARNISH: Just a sprig of mint.


An Italian gin made with Amalfi lemons plus 6 others botanicals. Very citrusy, with touches of woody juniper characters. Bright & mouth filling.

GARNISH: Lemon slice & coriander leaf.


A classic gin for a G&T. Botanicals, apart from Juniper include Ginger, Coriander & citrus fruits.

GARNISH: Lemon or Lime slice with a sprig of Coriander.


Made with Huelva Andalusian Strawberries. A very soft, delicate gin with a slight aniseed aroma from the alembic stills where the gin is produced.

GARNISH: Strawberry or Raspberry & a stick of Cinnamon.


From The Sacred Craft Distillery in Highgate. A big, grapefruit flavour with bright & vibrant citrus notes.

GARNISH: Grapefruit slice & a sprig of Rosemary.

14. TWO BIRDS OLD TOM GIN – 40.0%.

A Great British Gin of the 18th century which predates London gin. Sweeter than the latter version & ideal for cocktails or with tonic.

GARNISH: A slice of lemon.


Inspired by African flavours. Fresh citrus Baobab fruit plus Cape Gooseberries are blended with 7 other botanicals in an antique copper still to create this gin.

GARNISH: A Cape Gooseberry or a slice of Grapefruit.


Dutch Courage is a rich gin from Holland. Flavoured with juniper exotic spices. Citrus, dry herbs & an earthy character. Big, oily juniper core with potpourri notes developing late on the palate.

GARNISH: Lemon slice & a sprig of Rosemary.








Arbor, Bristol. Motueka (L) - 3.8%. A pale hoppy session ale. Tropical fruit aromas.

PLUS………….. The Devil Made Me Brew It D) - 5.5%. A full bodied very drinkable stout.

Ashley Down, Bristol. Somerset Honey (L) - 3.5%. Another one from Vince. Made with Bristol honey, my luvver. You won't see this for sale outside Bris, except at The Crowns.  #

Atom, Hull. Dark Alchemy (D) - 4.9%. A complex porter. Lots of cardamom & coriander, but no hops. Evidently, goes well with curry. Get down that take away.

PLUS……… Singularity (D) - 3.5%. Bearing in mind it's strength, this mild has bags of taste. Infused with oak smoked wheat & vanilla. #

Dow Bridge, Leicestershire. Acris (B) - 3.8%. Fruity malty caramel flavours with Goldings hops.

Front Row, Cheshire. 99 (L) - 4.4%. Named after the "infamous" call that meant every 1974 Lions rugby player should punch the nearest member of the opposing team - Springboks. - Well the ref couldn't send them all off. A pale ale.

Goffs, Gloucestershire. Camelot (B) - 4.4%. A full bodied dark amber beer.

Indigenous, Berkshire. Baldrick (D) - 3.4%. A dark mild. No tasting notes available.

PLUS............................. Ammo Belle (L) - 5.6% - A strong American Pale Ale. Brewed in tribute to RAF Welford.

PLUS......................Summer Solstice (L) - 4.1%. An easy drinking pale ale. Refreshing & hoppy.

Kettlesmith, Bradford on Avon. Faultline (L) - 4.2%. A new brewery, which started in May & it’s the first time that their ales have been available in Chippenham. A hoppy session ale. Citrus notes of grapefruit.

PLUS........................................... Fogline (L) - 4.8%. a Belgian inspired ale. Hints of clove & honey with a tart finish.

PLUS........................................... Outline (B) - 3.8%. An amber session ale. Hints of chocolate & molasses balanced by floral & piney hops.  #

PLUS........................................... Ridgeline (B) - 5.0%. An American red rye ale. Peppery nutty malt with resinous hops.

Mad Dog, Monmouthshire, Wales. Three Fingers Salute (L) - 4.4%. Crisp lemoney beer wth piney notes. NZ hops.  #

Moor, Bristol. Stout (D) - 5.0%. A classic, well balanced stout.

PLUS............. Raw (B) - 4.3%. A best bitter. Fruity aroma with biscuit malts. A dry finish.

PLUS............. Radiance (L) - 5.0%. A wheat beer, so expect it to be cloudy. Herbal & cereal aromas with a crisp finish.

North Yorkshire, Guisborough. Yorkshire Porter (D) - 4.4%. Brewed with chocolate malt. #

Pheasantry, Newark. DA (D) - 4.2% A dark ale. Malty flavours with a balanced bitterness. Velvety texture.

PLUS.................. Tank Ale (B) - 4.2%. Brewed to raise money for the Lincoln Tank Memorial. #

RCH, Weston-s-Mare. East St Cream (B) - 5.0%. A v good best bitter.

Rudgate, York. Ruby Mild (D) - 4.4% A rich dark ale. V. quaffable.

Tap, Gloucestershire. Old Dairy Gold (L) - 3.9%. A rare brewery in these parts. No tasting notes.  #

PLUS.......................... Old Dairy Bitter aka Ruby (B) - 4.2%. A fruity bitter with a hoppy finish.

Tring, Hertfordshire. Death or Glory (D) - 7.2%. A bit of a beast this one. A rich. sweet barley wine, brewed by appointment by the Queens Royal Lancers. No appointment required at The Crowns.  #

Waen, Powys, Wales. Lemon Drizzle (L) - 3.7%. A lemoney vanilla session pale ale.

Willy Good Ale, Bradford on Avon. Willy Hop (L) - 4.0%. Brewed using American hops, giving a light floral taste.

PLUS................................................. Wheat a Second (L) - 5.0%. A wheat beer (You may have guessed by the name). Hints of coriander & orange here. The beer will be cloudy - it's supposed to be !!

Wellbeck, Nottinghamshire. Kaiser (L) - 4.1%. Don't mention the war - the 1st one that is. This is a real lager. Crisp, dry, biscuit, malty flavours, balanced by sweet honeyed German hops.

XT Animal, Buckinghamshire. Pukeko (L) - 4.6%. This is either an American coffee pale ale or a New Zealand swamp hen - bit like a Moorhen. You decide.  #

XT, Buckinghamshire. Oak Aged 8 (D) -  4.5%, A dark porter beer with roasty coffee flavours aged in brandy barrels.

PLUS............................ 14 (L) - 4.5%. A hazy beer brewed with semi wild (whatever that is !!) Belgian Saison yeast, One for the specialist or experimental drinker praps.


Real Ciders/Perrys. – See board in Back Bar.


Festival 29th April - 2nd May.


Ashley Down. Plum Porter (D). Sweet flavour of plums with a marmalade taste - 5.2%

Plus.............. T.B.A. (That Black Ale) (D). A new beer from Vince. It’s name was not known at his micro-pub, hence got badged as T.B.A. “To be announced” – 3.7%

Celt. Otherworld Pale (L). V.hoppy with tropical & floral flavours - 4.2%

Chantry. Kaldo (L). A classic English pale ale, using Worcestershire hops - 5.5%

Chippenham Craft. American Pale Ale (L). A brand new brewery & the first ever cask of ale to see the light of day. Seek out the brewer & pass on feedback - He will welcome your input. It should have all those tropical fruity tastes - 5.1%

Cornish Crown. Causeway (B). Have a Causeway at 18 The Causeway. An easy drinking light brown bitter. It’s actually named after the causeway to St Michael’s Mount - 4.1%

Corvedale. Farmer Ray (B). Amber coloured English style bitter - 4.5%

Cotswold Spring. Guvnor (D). Malt and oats give a full-body to this fruity stout. Hints of black-treacle are complemented by lighter, slightly spicy notes later in the palate.- 4.6%

Plus.................. OSM (D). It stands for Old Sodbury Mild & is a v.good example of a classic dark mild. SIBA Supreme Champion 2011 - 3.9%

Dark Star. Hophead (L). A clean, crisp refreshing light ale. A pub favourite  - 3.8%

Plus......... Creme Brulee (D). A dessert in a glass.Brewed using lactose sugar, vanilla and roasted malts. No blowtorch was used in the making of this beer. - 5.9%

Plus………. American Pale Ale (L). A fine example of this style of beer from a v.good brewery – 4.7%

Electric Bear. Livewire (L). A fruity American Pale Ale - 5.4%

Plus............. Red Bear (B). A rich red ale - 4.0%

Plus.............. Bear Wit me Honey (L). Based on the Bear Wit beer, recently seen in the pub, but with honey - 5.0%

First Chop. SEN (B). A session IPA - 3.9%

Grafton. Black Abbots (D). Smooth porter with a roast barley, pleasantly bitter aftertaste - 5.0%

Mighty Oak. Saxon Strong (B). An amber ale with malt flavours balanced by a strong hop finish from First Gold and Bramling Cross hops - 6.5%

Oakham. Citra (L). A classic zesty fresh example this. Silver Supreme Champion 2014 - 4.2%

Outstanding. Blond (L). A fruity golden beer with a malty note and a zesty aroma - 4.5%

New Bristol Brewery. Ohlala (L). Light & zesty. Aramis hops & lemon zest - 4.2%

PLUS.......................... Supernatural DIPA (L). Dry hopped with Amarillo & Citra hops - 7.5%

RCH. Chocolate Slug (D). A twist on the old favourite (Old Slug Porter). A subtle hint of dark, creamy chocolate complemented by a pleasing bitter finish. - 4.5%

Plus. 30.9 (L). Brewed as part of the 30 year celebrations. A golden ale – 4.5%

Severn Vale. 7 Sins (D). A lovely dark roasty, malty stout - 5.2%

Siren. Broken Dream (D). Notes of coffee, roasted malts and milk chocolate meet a subtle smokiness in this smooth breakfast stout - 6.0%

Plus... Under Current (L). Cascade and palisade hops are used here. - 4.5%

Thornbridge. Wild Swan (L). Yet another classic light, zesty, fruity thing. I am spoiling you  - 3.5%

Plus………… Wild Raven (D). A complex blend of malts & hops. A fine example of a Black IPA – 6.6%

Three Daggers. Ale (B). A traditional cask ale with a malty palette and a dry, hoppy finish. - 4.1%

Plus................ Black (D).  Premium stout brewed with roasted barley and First Gold hops - 4.5%

Wentworth. Black Diamond Stout (D). Challenger Hops & spices with plenty of body - 4.5%

Wickwar. Falling Star (L). Falling Star, a smooth & fruity ale. They say that 214 million years ago a meteorite crashed into the site on where the brewery now stands, hence the name - 4.2%

Plus……. Spring Ale (L). A clear golden ale, a little bit of malt plus pineapple and grapefruit hop – 3.9%


Handmade. Spring Surprise (Sweet) - 3.8%

Plus..........DAB SV (Dry) - 7.3 %

Circle. Roundabout – 5.6%

Cockeyed. Bush Pig (Medium) – 7.0%

Mr Whiteheads. Rum Cask – 7.0%

Snailsbank. Fruit Bat - 4.0%

West Croft. Janet's Jungle Juice (Med/Dry) - 6.0%

Wessex. Dry – 6.0%


Celtic Marches. Cracklin Rosie (Med) – 4.5%

Mr Whiteheads. Light Perry – 3.8%


Filled Rolls, pork Pies, Hot Pies, etc.

Next Crowns Fest –  August Fri 26th – Mon 29th.



The next festival was on Feb 26th - 28th. Here's the list.


Arbor, Bristol. Motueka I.P.A. (IPA) - 6.7%. We all know their light Motueka 4.0%, well this is it as a big bad hoppy scary thing.

PLUS.............. Basta Rosse (Red) - 5.0%. Originally brewed with the Mezzo Passo brewery in Popoli, Italy, this red ale is brewed with Cascade and Mosaic hops.

Ashley Down, Bristol. Plum Porter (D) - 5.2%.Vince’s blend of Munich, Brown and chocolate malts along with a “dusty old bottle of port”. V.Nice.

PLUS.......................... Landlords Best (B) - 4.2%. A bitter beer, with a slight twist of hop in this brew.

Celt Experience, Caerphilly. Cerridwen (L) – 4.8%. An aromatic session IPA, hopped with 4 types of hops. Evidently, named after the tale of the keeper of the Cauldron & the Goddess of Barley.

Dancing Duck, Derby. 22 (B) – 4.3%. No tasting notes found.

Dark Star, Sussex. Hophead (L) - 3.8%. An old favourite. A clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops.

Downlands, W.Sussex. Devil's Dyke (D) - 5.0%. Chocolate flows through to smooth coffee in our deep red malty warming porter.

Dunham Massey, Manchester. Chocolate Cherry (D) – 3.8%. Chocolate Cherry is a multi-award winning speciality mild. Champion Speciality Beer of Britain 2012. It has all the class of Dunham Dark, with a dry hint of cherry that cuts through the malt flavours.

PLUS………………………………… Deer Beer (B) – 4.5%. Deer Beer is a clean full bodied, malty English ale, with hints of toffee and a distinct hop finish.

PLUS………………………………… Porter (D) – 5.2%. Dunham Porter is a multi-award winning porter. Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2014. Classic old style English porter. Dark, creamy, full bodied and packed with flavour.

Durham. Pale Ice (L) - 3.9%. American IPA/bitter. Big on citrus aroma but tries to be balanced on bitterness. Clean, fresh aroma with lots of citrus from columbus hops and English quaffability.

Electric Bear. Samurye (A rice & rye beer) - 5.3%. A rice, rye & green tea beer. Not everyone’s cuppa. A new beer from a new brewery.

Flipside, Nottingham. Russian Rouble (D) - 7.3%. Russian Imperial Stout with rich chocolate and malt flavours and dark fruity & liquorice aroma.

First Chop, Manchester. DOC (L) – 4.1%. An ultra pale ale brewed with N.Z. hops.

PLUS………………………. PUD (D) – 5.0%. A rum & raisin porter.

Fuggle Bunny, S.Yorks. 24 Carrot (B) - 6.0%. IPA has hints of citrus fruits, spice and blackberries and is what leads fuggle into a whole new world where the unexpected seems to be the norm… Ehhh !!

Gloucester. Ankle Tap (B) - 3.5%. A Rugby World Cup special. An Amber ale with English, European and New Zealand hops. A session jobby.

Grafton,Worksop. Caramel Stout – 4.8%. A well balanced beer.

Greenjack, Suffolk. Trawler Boys (B) - 4.6%. is a full-bodied and a copper-coloured premium bitter brewed with English. The pump clip features Lowestoft built (1978) stern trawler the Boston Sea Stallion, launched by none other than Mrs Thatcher – No politics in the pub please.

R.C.H. Weston-s-Mare. Sunrise (L) – 3.8%. No tasting notes.

PLUS……………………… Old Slug Porter (D) – 4.5%. A raditional porter with a full bodied taste of chocolate, coffee, blackcurrant and black cherry with a good aroma. A near black colour with a good white head.

PLUS……………………… P.G. Steam (B) – 3.9%. This complex multi layered ale has a floral hop aroma with medium bodied hop, bitter taste with some fruit and sweetness.

Indigenous, Newbury. AMMO Belle (IPA) – 5.6%. An American Pale Ale crafted in tribute to RAF Welford

PLUS……………………… Nosey Parker (D) – 5.6%. A mild ale, with a sweet malty base and a slight hop balance. With its ruby red and creamy appearance, this is very much an easy drinking beer despite the higher ABV.

Intrepid,Derbyshire. Porter (D) - 4.8%. A dry porter with lots of chocolate and coffee flavours, reminiscent of a traditional East India Porter with the addition of modern hops and a less bitter finish.

Kennet & Avon, Melksham. Dundas (B) – 4.2%. A copper coloured Best Bitter with a pleasant bitterness and citrus hoppy aroma from the 100% American hops. A traditional style of beer with a modern edge, very moorish!

PLUS.................................... Bruce (D) – 4.8%. A full bodied roasty porter, dark ruby in colour and packed with aromas of liquorice and coffee from the roasted and chocolate malts. This is the first brew to come out of the new Melksham brewery.

Mallinsons, Huddersfield. Centenial (L) - Pale blonde with a citrus hop nose, bitter citrus hop.

Marble, Manchester. Pint (B) – 3.9%. An everyday session bitter with grapefruit notes.

Lincoln Green, Notts. Tantalum (L) - 3.8%. A light American-style session pale ale with a moderately hoppy flavour.

New Bristol Brewery. Mini Pale Ale (L) - 2.8%. One for the drivers. Extra pale lager drinker converter, dry hopped with Summit. Loads of flavour for one so weak.

PLUS.......................... Oohlala (L) - 4.2%.  No tasting notes, but had it before. Easy drinking.

Partners, W.Yorks. 6 Nations (Red) - 4.0%. A well balanced ruby coloured ale with a great hoppy nose brewed specially for the 6 Nations rugby.

PLUS......................... St Bernard (B) - 4.4%. No tasting notes here.

Purple Moose, N.Wales. Revelation (L) - 3.8%. A pale golden session bitter with vanilla & lemon citrus notes from the Cascade & Willamette hops.

Ramsbury, Wilts. Red Velvet (Red) – 4.6%. Ramsbury red winter ale using barley and oats combined with American hops,malty well balanced winter ale.

Shed Ales, Pewsey. Kick in the Shed Coffee Stout (D) - 4.5%. Where are the tasting notes, Gord ?

PLUS...................... Dirty Hoe (L) - 4.0%. As above.

Thornbridge, Derbyshire. Jaipur (IPA) - 5.9%. An old favourite of the landlord.  A citrus dominated India Pale Ale, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of massive hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.

Tap, Cirencester. Glow (L) - 4.5%. A new small brewery. No tasting notes.

Tickety Brew, Manchester. Munchner (Pilsner style) - 4.3%. Amber cask lager. Light floral and fruity flavours.

Twisted, Wilts. Conscript (L) – 4.2% A single malt, English hopped golden coloured ale fresh ale with berries and citrus notes layered with a gentle malty undertone.



Circle. Roundabout (Med) – 5.6%

Cockeyed Cider. Devon Jasper (Med) - 5.0%

Handmade. Dabinet S.V. (Med/Dry) - 7.2%

PLUS……... White Label (Med) – 4.8%

Lilleys. Dark Cider (Med/Sweet) - 7.5%

Sandford Orchard. Fanny’s Bramble (Sweet) – 4.0%


Celtic Marches. Cracklin Rosie (Med) – 4.5%

Lilleys. Bee Sting (Sweet) - 7.5%


Hot pies, pork pies, filled rolls, etc. available.




The last festival was Nov 13th - 15th. See the list.......


Bluestone, Pembrokeshire. Rock Hopper (L) - 3.9%. A gluten free beer. Hoppy with a touch of honey.

Bristol Beer Factory. Twelve Apostles (L) - 5.0%. A new beer. A tasty fruity pale ale, using Australian hops.

Castle Combe, Wiltshire. Dark Lane (D) - 5.5%. A very nice milk stout.

PLUS............... Pendulum (L) - 3.8%. A citrusy pale ale.

Celt/Northern Monk collaboration. The Clas. (B) - 7.2%. An IPA with honey & mosaic hops.

Celt/Hopcraft collaboration. Pre-Prohibition IPA (B) - 7.4%. A strong US hopped IPA.

Coastal, Cornwall. Merry Maidens Mild (D) -

Cottage, Somerset. Metropolitan (L) - 4.8%. A golden ale.

PLUS..... Rocket Ale (B) - 4.2%. A fruity bitter.

Cwrw Lal, N.Wales. Limestone Cowboy (B) - 4.5%. A dark copper beer.

Dark Star, Sussex. Hophead (L) -

Dent, Cumbria. Kamikaze (L) - 5.0%. An award winning golden ale.

Electric Bear, Bath. Livewire (L) - 5.0%. A new brewery & therefore a new beer. A strong American IPA.

PLUS ............ Cherry Blackout (D) - 8.0%. A rare beast this. The first time it has been released to the trade in cask. Enjoy !

Nine Standards, N.Yorkshire. No. 4 (B) - 3.7%. A hoppy amber bitter.

RCH, Weston s Mare. Chocolate Slug (D) -

PLUS......................... P.G.Steam (B) -

Red Squirrel, Hertfordshire. Mr Squirrel (B) - 4.3% A premium bitter.

Stringers, Cumbria. Turbine Porter (D) - 5.1%. A warming tasty porter.

Tap, Cheltenham. Glow (L) - 4.5%

PLUS.................... Ruby (D) - 4.2%

Three Castles, Pewsey. King Alfreds (L) - 4.6%. A crisp golden beer.

Tiny Rebel, Newport. Loki (D) - 4.5%. A tropical fruit black IPA.

Towles, Bristol. Copper Leaf (B) - 4.2%. A tasty malty bitter.

Triple fff, Hampshire. Stairway to Heaven (B) - A fruity tasty pale bitter.

Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff. Dakota (B) - 5.4%. A red ale.

Wesex, Wiltshire. Russian Stoat (D) - 9.0%. An old favourite.



Gwatkins. Kingston Black

Gwatkins. Yarlington Mill (Med) - 6.5%

Lilleys. Darkcider

Moles. Black Rat

Sandfords. Ginger

Ty Gwyn. Festival Ferret (Med) - 6.0%

Worleys. Red Hen (Med) - 6.5%


MHecks. Blakeney Red - 6.0%

Moles. Black Rat

Nempnet. Piglets Choice - 6.5%




Other bar snacks will be available, inc Walter Rose pork pies & filled rolls.




The last Festival was in August.  - See the list below.


Ashley Down, Bristol. Tournai (B) - 7.3%. The first cask to leave Vince’s loving care. It should be a good ‘un. An extra strong bitter with all the expected whistles & bells.

Plus............................ Pale (L) - 4.3%. Goldings and Green Bullet hops used in this quaffable light ale..

Plus........................... Rye & Oats (B) -  An experimental one from Vince that may need a bit more conditioning in the cask before it's ready.

Byatts, Coventry. Big Cat (L) - 4.0% A bronze ale with biscuity sweetness, with spicy notes.

Plus ....................... XK Dark (D) - 3.5% A big malt aroma. Bitter chocolate & blackberries.

Dark Star, W.Sussex. Hophead (L) - 3.8% An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops.

Elliswood, Leicestershire. Best of Both (B) –  4.1% An amber best bitter.

Goffs, Winchcombe, Glos. Black Knight (D) - 5.3%. A very dark ruby red tinted beer with powerful chocolate malt aromas and a hint of vanilla.

Plus .................................. Camelot (B) - 4.4% Malt dominates though traces of nuts underscored with a hoppy bitterness.

Grain, Norfolk. Slate (D) - 6.0% A porter. Dark, strong stout with a heavy, burnt bread, malty flavour; almost more like a wee heavy than a stout.

Grey Trees, Aberdare, Wales. JPR'S (L) - 4.7% Named after JPR Williams, of Wales and British Lions Rugby fame.

Plus.......................................... Digger's Gold (L) - 4.0%. Digger's Gold - Gold Diggers - Bit of nostalgia for Chippenham club goers. A golden ale brewed with Marris Otter Pale Malt, with US hops, this gives the beer a subtle bitterness with citrus aroma.

Lytham, Lancs. Ginger Nut (L) - 4.2% A traditional golden ale combined with subtle hints of ginger and hazelnut to give a twist to an odd classic.

Mighty Oak, Maldon, Essex. Captain Bob (B) - 3.8% A traditional deep amber coloured bitter brewed with Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand.

Moor, Bristol. Confidence (B) - 4.6%  A premium bitter, boosted with Crystal and Wheat malts. Spicy American hops and yeast further enhance the rich malt profile.

Plus ............... Old Freddy Walker (D) - 7.0%. Like an old, slightly scary, friend that has not been seen for a while. Freddy's Back !! One for the connoisseur! A rich dark, full - bodied old ale. Like liquid Christmas Pudding.

Plus ............... SoHop (L) - 4.1%  Ultra-pale, ultra hoppy, golden ale showcasing Southern Hemisphere hops to impart a pronounced floral and tropical notes.

Neath, Wales. Cherry Bomb (D) – 4.5% No tasting notes, but one suspects it’s got cherries in it.

New Bristol Brewery. Beer du Jour (L) - 4.6%  A fruity and sweet citrus American pale ale with a dry finish.

...................................  Oohlala (L) - 4.2%  An amber ale brewed with French Aramis hops

Plain, Wiltshire. Inntrigue (B) - 4.2% A rich copper coloured beer.

Platform 5. Newton Abbot, Devon. Whistle Blower (B) – 4.6% Appetising mid brown strong session ale.

RCH, Weston-s-Mare. Blackberry Slug (D) - 4.5%. Not a "Dismal" beer. A variation on a traditional black porter. Full-bodied with tastes of chocolate and coffee, but with a touch of blackberry flavouring.

Revolutions, W.Yorks. Manifesto Stout (D) - 6.0%  A strong, rich, dark stout. Coffee aroma, with some fruity hop. Bright, sharp flavour, goes into roasty malt.

Plus............................... The Message (L) - 4.5% A classic cloudy wheat beer infused with lime and coriander.

Triple fff, Hampshire. Pressed Rat & Warthog (D) – 3.8% Hoppy mild; with a dry roasty flavour, a good body with hints of fruit.

Vibrant Forest, Lymington, Hampshire. Cydonia (B) – 4.6%A red beer with citrus and a malty sweetness.

White Horse, Wantage, Oxon. Blowing stone (B) - 4.2% Traditional brown beer, aroma is caramel and nutty malts. Flavour is caramel basis with floral notes.

XT, Bucks. 2 (L) - 4.2%  A refreshing golden ale made with English Pale and Munich Malts, combined with Bohemian and Bavarian hops to give a real international flavour.

Plus.......... 4 (B) - 3.8%  An amber beer with a special Belgian malt and a fruity mix of American and European hops.

Plus ......... Animal. Squirrel (L) - 4.6% A Belgian-American Style Amber Ale - brewed with American Chinook and Columbus hops giving citrus, pine and grapefruit flavours - blended with a Belgian Malt base adding raisin and plum notes



Gwatkin. Yarlington Mill (Med) - 7.5%

Gwynt y Ddraig. Black Dragon (Med) - 7.2%

Handmade. Firestarter (Med/Dry) - 6.0%

Lilleys. Mango (Sweet) - 4.0%

Plus ... Darkcider (Med/Sweet) - 7.5%

Plus ... Wild Dog (Dry) - 7.5%

Sandfords. Fanny's Bramble (Med/Sweet) - 4.0%


Handmade. Piglets Choice (Med) - 6.0%

Hecks. Blakeney Red (Med/Sweet) – 6.0%

Lilleys. Beesting (Sweet) - 7.5%



The last Festival was on Fri 22nd - Mon 25th May.  The Beer List was.  ................

BEERS. D = Dark, B = Bitter & L = Light.

Arbor Ales, Bristol. Motueka (L). A single hopped light refreshing beer. – 3.8%

PLUS      Smokescreen (D). A lovely smoky chocolate and coffee aroma. – 5.5%

Ashley Down, Bristol. Extra Stout (D) No tasting notes from Vince - 7.0%

Bradfields, S.Yorkshire. Brown Cow (B) Malty & creamy ruby best bitter. – 4.2%

Bristol Beer Factory. Independence (B) Very distinctive pale ale that is hopped continuously throughout the boil – 4.6%     PLUS     Milk Stout (D) Sweet, black and extremely full-bodied – 4.5%

Burtons Bridge. Donald’s Duck (L) No tasting notes here. – 4.5%

Cotleigh, Somerset. 25 (L) Launched in June 2004 to celebrate Cotleigh’s 25th Anniversary. Cascade hops give this pale ale a fresh aroma & fruity finish - 4.0%

Cottage, Somerset. Fire Ball (L) – An American styled IPA. Fruity – 5.0%                         PLUS                        Iron Duke (B) A ruby red traditional British bitter – 4.3%

Cotswold Spring, S.Glos . Codger (B)  A favourite for many in the pub. A good malty best bitter - 4.2%

Dark Star, Sussex. APA (L) Maris Otter malt the dryness to complement the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops - 4.7%

Dukeries, Worksop. Blonde (L) A well balanced session beer - 3.8%

Exmoor, Somerset. Stag (B) Biscuity maltiness with hints of chocolate and toffee - 5.2%

First Chop, Manchester. SYL (D) Named after Mr Syl Johnson, the man behind the brewers favourite soul albums of all time ‘Is it because I’m black’. It’s a black IPA - 6.2%

Franklins, Sussex. Citra (L) Fresh tasting IPA with a complex tropical fruit flavour – 5.5%

GWB, Bristol. Whakapapa (L) A rounded New Zealand-hopped pale ale. Floral and tropical fruit aroma and a hoppy fruit flavour.– 4.2%

Heavy Industry, N.Wales. Collaborator (D) Champion beer of Wales - dark, fruity and malty old ale – 5.0%

Hop Kettle, Cricklade Witshire. Blood, Wheat, No Tears (Wheat) A blood Orange

& chamomile beer – 5.3%    PLUS     North Wall (B) Full bodied, and malty with a lingering mellow bitterness – 4.3%

Kennet & Avon, Wiltshire. Savernake Stout (D) A gluten free stout. Full bodied very black beer with aromas of licorice, roasted coffee & chocolate – 5.3%

New Bristol Brewery, Bristol. Angry Tom (B) A strong IPA brewed with Dr Rudi hops – 5.9%     PLUS                                       Ooohlala (B) A pale ale brewed with Aramis hops & the zest of 60 lemons. N.B. this is an unfined ale & may be cloudy – 4.5%

Plain Ales, Wiltshire. Mayday (D) No tasting notes. Brewed as part of the CAMRA May Mild campaign - 3.6%

Ramsbury, Wilts. Deerstalker (B) A nice bitter - 4.0%

RCH, Weston-s-Mare. East St Cream (B) This enigmatic full bodied beer with malty hoppy fruit bitter with a sweet taste which all vie for dominance in this complex and well crafted premium chestnut coloured ale – 5.0%

Shed Ales, Pewsey, Wilts. Shed Loads Back Yard Blonde (L) An APA. A fruity number – 4.8%  PLUS       Spring Passion (L) A light hoppy beer – 3.9%

Stringers, Cumbria. W. Coast Blond (L) Rich golden beer with lots of floral American hops- 4.4%

Three B’s, Blackburn. Blonde (L) A distinctive pale bitter with a light refreshing taste - 4.0%

Tiny Rebel, S.Wales. The Full Nelson (L) A Maori Pale Ale packed full of New Zealand hops 4.8%

Towles, Bristol. Independents  It’s an APA with Simcoe & Citra hops (L) - 5.0%

Twisted Oak, Bristol. Sheriff Fatman (B) american amber ale with citrus flavours - 5.0%

Welbeck, Nottinghamshire. Cavendish (L) Cascade hops & Maris Otter malts givethis beer balance - 5.0%

Wessex, Wiltshire. Comet (L) A hoppy pale ale – 5.2%

Willy Good Ale, Winsley, Wilts. (B) An amber ale brewed with Challenger & Goldings hops – 4.0%



Handmade. Spring Surprise (Medium) – 3.8%

Lilleys. Apple & Blackberry (Sweet) – 4.0%

Mates. Ravens Roost (Med/Dry) – 5.5%

Moonraker. Whirling Dervish (Medium) – 5.5%

Shepton. Natch (Med/Dry) – 6.0%

Sherstons. Special Reserve (Med) – 5.0% & First Press  (Med/Dry) - 5.0%

Ventons. Skippy’s Surprise (Med/Dry) - 6.5%

Mr Whiteheads. Boxing Dog (Dry) – 7.5% & Newtons Discovery (Med) – 3.8%

Wessex. Dry – 6.0%


Abrahalls. Cracklin Rosie (Medium) – 4.5%

Hecks. Blakeney Red (Med/Sweet) – 6.0%

Lilleys. Bee Sting (Sweet) – 7.5%


FOOD. Hot Pies, Rolls, Pork Pies, Crisps, etc



Fri Feb 27th - Sun 1st March. 12.00 - Late every day.

BEER. # = Available First – From Thurs 26th, as old beers drunk !!

Animal (X.T. really), Buckinghamshire. Bunny Bastard (B) - 7.2%. A true American style double IPA

Brightside, Manchester. Best (B) - 4.3%. A traditional English Best Bitter.

Burton, Staffordshire. Bramble Stout (D) - 5.0%. Top Dog Stout with the addition of blackberry juice to add a faint sweetness

Castle Coombe, Wiltshire. Dark Lane Stout (D) – 5.5% No tasting notes yet. A new beer.

Celt Experience, Caerphilly, Wales. Le Match (B) - 4.6%. A hoppy Session Rye IPA.

..................................................  #  Hallstatt Deity (L) - 6.6% A resinous Saison with a tart fruitiness and a pomegranate finish.

Cotswold Spring, Gloucestershire. Vixen (D) - 4.8%. A tawny brown ale. Toffee apple fruitiness with a spicy pepper finish.

Dunham Massey, Manchester.  Cheshire IPA (B) – 4.7%. Strong, pale, hoppy and bitter, based on the IPA's of old.

..........................................  #  Chocolate Cherry Mild (D) – 3.8%. A multi-award winning speciality mild. CAMRA Champion Speciality Beer of Britain 2012

................................................Dunham Porter (D) – 5.2%. Dunham Porter is a multi-award winning porter. CAMRA Champion Winter Beer of Britain 2014.

Elephant, Essex. Wheat Odyssey (Wheat) - 7.0%. Citra hops with wheat malts and a dash of Belgian Wit yeast,

First Chop, Manchester. # Cha (L) - 5.0%.  A full bodied pale ale made with three malts.

........................................ Doc (L) - 4.1% With four varieties of New Zealand hops

........................................ Good Measure (L) - 3.9% A bitter and hoppy session beer.

Flying Monk, Wiltshire. Elmers (B) -   A very quaffable bitter. A favourite amongst locals here.

Great Heck, Goole Yorkshire. Black Jesus (D) – 6.5%. Might keep this black IPA back for Easter.

........................................  #  Mount Mosaic (B) - 4.5%. A really flavoursone, hoppy, citrusy one from a single hop..

Humpty Dumpty, Norfolk. Broadland Sunrise (L) - 4,2% A red-orange ale brewed with the addition of rye, with a citrus hop bouquet and a crisp refreshing finish.

Kennet & Avon, Wiltshire. Bruce (D) - 4.8% A full bodied porter, very dark ruby in colour and packed with aromas of liquorice and coffee from the roasted and chocolate malts.

Late Knights, London. #  Penge Porter (D) - 4.6%. A roasty porter with a bitter coffee and cocoa flavours.

...................................... P IPA (B) - 5.4%. Uses 3 varieties of Polish hops.

Liverpool. Bier Head (B) - 4.1% An organic best bitter with hoppy foretaste complex spice and crisp malt tones

Marble, Manchester.  Manchester (B) - 4.2%.  A classic with citrus aroma & a dry bitter finish.

...........................  #  Special N.Z. Pale Ale (L) - 4.0% Uses N.Z. hops – no surprises there then.

Oxfordshire. Marshmellow (B) - 4.7% A classic, strong beer with a generous warming flavour. The taste is deliciously fruity and malty with a lingering bitter aftertaste.

RCH, Weston s Mare. Old Slug Porter (D) - 4.5% A delicious traditional porter with a full bodied taste of chocolate, coffee, blackcurrant and black cherry

Saltaire. Triple Chocoholic (D) - 4.8% Chocolate malts, real chocolate and chocolate syrups make this stout a real chocolate bomb! SIBA Supreme Champion 2010

Severn Vale, Gloucestershire. Severn Nations (B) - 4.4% Sweet aroma and flavour is similar with red fruit and caramel. Has a short bitter finish

Shed, Wiltshire. Kick it in the Shed (D) - 4.5% A lovely rich dark beer.

........................ Dig It (B) - 3.7%. Made in a shed in Pewsey.

Silver St, Manchester . #   Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby  (B) - 4.7% Deep ruby ale. Plenty of malty, buiscuity goodness, jammy, plumy notes with a fruity nose.

.................................. One Waimea (L) - 4.0% Single hop and single malt ales. Waimea is very pale ale with plenty of citrus zing.

Slaters, Staffordshire. Rye IPA (B) - 3.8% A unique American style beer with an unyielding citrus bouquet balanced by a spicy crisp taste from the Rye malt.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Great Bustard (B) - 4.8% This fine beer is brewed to celebrate the approval in November 2003 for the reintroduction of the Great Bustard bird onto the Salisbury Plain.

Three Daggers, Wiltshire. Blonde (L) - 3.6% Very easy drinking. Light hint of grass/sweet citrus on the nose, smooth on the palate with a mild hop flavour. very refreshing.

.........................................  Daggers Ale (B) - 4.1% A traditional cask ale with a malty palette and a dry, hoppy finish.

.....................................  #  Session Ale (B) - 2.8% Yep, I did say 2.8% - try it, it’s v.good. !!!

Twisted, Wiltshire. Apprentice (L) - 4.3% - A new pale ale. One for the tickers.

White Park, Bedfordshire. Bedford Best (B) - 4.1% A traditional smooth best bitter.

X.T. Buckinghamshire. #  10 (D) - 4.5% A full bodied black, heart-warming stout, brewed with rich roasted malts and English hops.

........................................  15 (D) - 4.5% A triple hopped amber ale.


Handmade, Chippenham. Crazy Diamond (Med/Dry) – 6.5%

Naishs, Somerset. Fighting Cider (Dry) – 7.5%

Mates, Wiltshire. Jackdaw (Med) – 5.6%

Sherston, Wiltshire. Truly Scrumptious (Med) – 6.0%

Thistly Cross, Scotland. Original (Med) – 7.2%


Gwatkin, Heredfordshire. Squeal Pig (Med) – 4.5%

Lilleys, Somerset. Bee Sting (Med/Sweet) – 7.5%


Hot Pies from Butlers of Chippenham. - Steak & Kidney.

..........................................................  - Lamb & Mint.

........................................................... - Chicken & Bacon

Pork Pies from Walter Rose, Devizes.

Filled Rolls. Cheese & Onion, cheese & pickle, also  ham.

Pickled Eggs, Onions plus Cockles

Plus a selection of crisps, nuts, etc.




Arbor, Bristol. Oz Bomb (L) - 4.7%. Another new beer from a great brewery. Plenty of Australian hops in this one.

Why Kick a Moo Cow (L) - 5.5%. Big malty New Zealand pale ale, brewed with a large amount of Southern Cross and Rakau hops added in the copper and dry hopped with Green Bullet.

Chantry, Rotherham. Diamond Black (D) - 4.5%. Full bodied dry stout with a bitter finish, spicy with hints of liquorice and dark berries. Brewed using the finest Yorkshire Malts and Roast Barley.

Siren, Berkshire. Liquid Mistress (B) - 5.8%. A west coast bright red ale with a biscuit and burnt raisin base balanced by citrus and tropical fruit notes.

Dark Star, W.Sussex. APA (L) - 4.7%. The yeast strain used for the brewing of the pale, dry American Ales is specially imported from the USA, along with Cascade and Centennial hops, to produce this pale ale. The low colour Maris Otter malt provides the dryness to complement the crisp taste of the hops.

Eden, Cumbria. Atomic Blonde (L) - 4.9%. A light golden ale, thirst quenching and hoppy. This limited edition beer has three hop charges to ensure great character!

Flying Monk, Wilts. Elmers (B) - 3.8%. A pale bitter, brewed with Maris Otter malt, hopped with East Kent Goldings and Nelson Sauvignon.

Green Jack, Lowestoft. Baltic Trader (D) - 10.5%. Smooth, rich and fruity with roasted coffee & vanilla flavours. A bit of a beast this one.

Harbour, Cornwall. Porter No.1. (D) - 5.5%. No tasting notes here.

Late Knights, Penge, S.London, Morning Glory (B) – 4.4%. Made with both pale & Munich malts to give some caramel notes plus some fruitiness.

Mallinsons, Huddersfield. Baton Rouge (B) - 4.3%. This red ale is brewed with Calypso and Citra hops from the USA, giving an aroma rich in citrus fruits.

U,S. Mild (D) - 3.5%. This is a dark brown mild, with a light roast aroma and gentle hop notes. The taste is slightly roasted with hints of citrus hops. A lovely, tasty mild!

Nine Standards, N.Yorks. No. 3 (D) - 4.7% A classic robust porter; black and creamy, with a heady mix of rich caramel and coffee.

Peerless, Liverpool. Paxtons Peculiar (B) - 4.1%. This peculiar copper coloured blend is part dark mild and part blond ale. The mix of Bramling Cross and First Gold hops produces a very drinkable ale with a complex array of malt, hints of chocolate and citrus overtones.

RCH, Weston s Mare. Chocolate Old Slug (D) - 4.5%. A twist on the old favourite (Old Slug Porter). A subtle hint of dark, creamy chocolate complemented by a pleasing bitter finish.

Settle, N.Yorks. Classic (B) - 4.0%. A bitter beer. That’s all I know.

Stonehenge, Wilts. Bodyline (B) - 4.3%. It is a hoppy, floral beer with a certain bitter directness on the palate.

Twisted, Wilts. Conscript (L) - 4.2% A golden coloured ale made with amber and Maris Otter malts. The hops combine to produce a light bittering and a fragrant grassy aroma.

Vibrant Forest, Dorset. VPA Summit (B) - 5.0%, A new beer & a brewery new to me. It's a pale ale, that's all know.

Wessex, Wilts. Old Russian Stoat (D) – 9.0%. A favourite in the pub. Dark & dangerous.

Windswept, Scotland. Weizen (L) - 5.2%. Cloudy effervescent amber, this Hefeweizen has a massive bouquet of clove and bananas. Flavours of caramel, spice, sweet fruit and light citrus

XT Animal, Buckinghamshire. Chameleon (B) - 4.6%. A malty amber ale with all British hops.


Abrahalls, Herefordshire. Dry – 6.5%

Summer Fruits. (Sweet) – 4.0%

Gwynt y Ddraig, Wales. Dog Dancer (Med) – 6.5%

Handmade, Wilts. Crazy Diamond - (Med) – 6.8%

Lilley, Somerset. Merry Monkey (Med) - 4.5%

Sandford, Devon. Devon Mist (Med) – 4.5%

Sherston, Wilts. First Press (Med) – 6.0%

Special Reserve. (Med) – 7.0%

Ty Gwyn, Wales. (Med) – 6.5%


Gwatkin, Herefordshire. Squeal Pig (Med) – 4.5%

Lilley, Somerset. Bee Sting (Sweet) - 7.5%


Flavours will be Hog Roast, Pork & Chilli, Olde English plus Pork & Apple.




Ashley Down, Bristol. Sideways (L) - 3.7%. A hoppy golden ale with hints of grapefruit. Plus, dry hops have been added in the pub cellar to give an even more intense hop flavour.

Consul (L) - 3.6%. No notes. It’s a new beer from Vince’s new big brewery. No more garage.

Bank & Taylor, Bedfordshire. Shefford Mild (D) - 3.8%. A dark beer with a well balanced, roast malt taste

SOD - 5.0%. A rich taste of fruit, hops and malt with a predominantly hoppy aroma

Black Country, Dudley. Fireside - 5.0%. A well rounded premium bitter, amber in colour, clean in taste leading to a pleasant dry finish.

Blue Bee, Sheffield. Bees Knees (L) – 4.0%. Chesnut in colour. Big hops with a touch of honey.

Bristol Beer Factory. Seven (B) - 4.2%.A premium amber ale. Toffee malt flavours with a smooth hop bitterness.

Castle Coombe, Wilts. Bybrook - 3.5%. Formerly Braydon Ales. Try it. The brewer is seeking feedback on this new beer.

Caveman, Kent. Paleolithic. (L) - 3.8%. A light session beer with our usual dose of aromatic hops.

Cotleigh, Somerset. Seahawk (B) - 4.2%. A bright golden crisp ale with a honied background.

Exmoor, Somerset. Beast (D) - 6.6%. A complex strong dark ale. Coffee & chocolate hints here – yum yum.

Funfair, Nottinghamshire. Brandy Snap (L) - 4.7% A golden, refreshing summer ale with subtle hints of ginger. Spicy, fruity nose.

Hop Kettle, Wiltshire. ESB (B) - 5.3%. A rare Extra Special Bitter aged for 2 months in a Chivas Regal barrel.

Pale by Comparison (L) - 3.8%. Balanced session pale with restrained fruity flavours and gentle but lingering bitterness,

Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. Solar Power (L) - 4.3%. A premium lager style beer, golden in colour with a distinctive ‘noble’ hop aroma from the Bavarian Hallertau late hop edition.

Kennet & Avon, Wiltshire. Dundas (B) - 4.2%. Fruity best bitter with slight bitterness and citrus aroma of grapefruit and oranges

Moor, Bristol (newly moved). Old Freddy Walker (D) - 7.3%. Wow. Great beer. Coffee, chocolate, red berries. A dark old ale.

Raw (B) - 4.3%. A traditional Best Bitter.

New Bristol Brewery, Bristol. Mini Extra Pale (L) - 2.5%. Sorry no tasting notes. A good beer for drivers.

Low Light APA (L) - 5.0%. And another new one. American Pale Ale – A style much loved.

Phipps, Northampton. Steam Roller - 4.4%. A dark malty and robust ale. Bringing back the name of a famous old brewery.

Quantock, Somerset. Nightjar (B) - 3.9%. A copper coloured ale, with plenty of N.Z. hops.

Ginger Cockney (B) - 4.0%. A classic copper coloured ale with a hint of ginger.

White Hind (B) - 4.5%.Full flavoured hoppy best bitter.

Saltaire. Yorkshire.  S.Island Pale (L) - 3.5%. A clean, pale beer, with cool crisp fruitiness from New Zealand hops, grown at Tasman Bay.

Cascade Pale (L) - 4.8%. American style pale ale with the floral aromas and strong bitterness of Cascade and Centennial hops.

Shed, Wiltshire. Bird in the Shed (L) - 4.8%. Brewed by our Ruth (or X Box), so it’s bound to be good.

Dig It - 3.7%. No notes, but we’ve had it before & it was good.

Spinghead, Nottinghamshire. Robin Hood (B) - 4.0%. A good standard bitter.

Titanic, Staffordshire. Stout (D) - 4.5%. An old fashioned stout.

Twisted, Wiltshire. Conscript (L) - 4.2%. A single malt, English hopped golden coloured ale with berries and citrus notes layered with a gentle malty undertone.

W.Berkshire. Maggs Mild (D) - 3.8%. A traditional dark mild introduced in Autumn 1998, not too sweet, and very popular.

Tommy Atkins (B) - 3.9%. Brewed to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War in memory of those who were lost and in gratitude to those who served.A nut brown ale with plenty of bitterness and gentle malt flavours.

Swift Pale Ale (L) - 3.8%. A golden blond ale.

Wickwar, Glos. Bob (B) - 4.0%. Much loved by many of our regulars. Good quaffing bitter.

Gold (L) - 4.5%. A clean, fresh and blonde real ale.

Wild Weather, Hants. Big Muddy (B) – 3.8%. Copper coloured best with a spicy finish.







Amber Ales, Derbyshire.  Chocolate Orange (D) - 4.0% A multi award winning stout with chocolate malt & Curacao orange peel. Vanilla pods are added during the fermentation.

Derbyshire Gold (L) - 4.0% A well hopped golden ale with high alpha Nugget & Galena hops plus a good cara malt base.

Arbor Ales, Bristol. Breakfast IPA (B) - 4.7%. The bastard son of Yakima - evidently.

S Bomb (L) - 4.7%. A Simcoe pale ale. Another new beer, but no tasting notes yet.

Ashley Down, Bristol. Limburg Wheat (L/Cloudy) - 4.6%. A new one from Vince, now ensconced in his new brewery. You may remember,                 he tried a wheat beer a little while ago & it was very good, so he's tried another one - enjoy.

York Street (L) - 3.5%. Yet another new beer. No tasting notes, but I'm sure it will be good.

Black Jack, Manchester.  Double Bluff (B) - 4.8%. A Vegan friendly pale bitter ale.

Box Steam, Wiltshire. Funnel Blower (D) - 4.5%. Love or loathe it ? A dark vanilla porter. The vanilla sweetness contrasts with the                           bitterness from the roasted barley & chocolate malts.

Steam Porter (D) - 4.4%. A smooth drinking, rounded porter with a slightly smokey aroma.

Bristol Beer Factory, Bristol Mildly Cyrus (D) - 5.0% A collaboration with the Beerd brewery. No tasting notes here, but I hope it doesn't make         you twerk.

Cats Brewery, Oxon Tabby (B) - 4.1%  A refreshing fruity unconventional amber ale.

Celt Experience, Wales. Bristol Meth (B) - 7.4%. A maritime pine infused IPA (distilled & dry pined), brewed using a new American yeast                                                       strain & heavily hopped with Simcoe & Chinook.

Fuzzy (L) - 5.7%. A beer brewed in collaboration with the Super Furry Animals brewery. Evidently, this beer is a                                                         psychedelic wild Saison yeast beer. It is has a very limited availabilty.

Silures (L) - 4.6%. A powerfully hopped ale with sweet malts & tropical fruits. The Silures were a powerful Welsh                                                       tribe from S.Wales.

Flying Monk, Wilts. Elmers (B) - 3.8%. A very nice tasty bitter.

Dark Star, Sussex. Hophead (L) - 3.8% A clean drinking pale ale, A strong floral aroma with elderflower notes from the Cascade hops

Fat Cat, Norwich. Marmalade Cat (B) - 5.5%  This has a burnt citrus flavour. A classic brown strong bitter.

Firebird , W.Sussex. Full English (B) - 3.8%.  A well crafted English ale.

Gloucester. Chinook (L) - 6.4% An American styled pale ale loaded with Chinook hops.

Galaxy (L) - 5.2% A golden ale bursting with Aussie Galaxy hops.

Priory Pale (L) - 3.7% A refreshing hoppy ale with citrus & tropical notes.

Hammerpot. Bottle Wreck Porter (D) - 4.7% A black porter with coffee, chocolate & rich roasted malt flavours.

Copper Bitter (B) - 3.7% A pleasant lunchtime bitter.

H.B.Clark, Yorkshire. Classic Blond (L) - 3.9%. A multi award winning light fruity ale with a hint of spice.

Tommy Gun (B) - 4.3%

Keltek, Cornwall. King (B) - 5.1%. A well balanced premium bitter.

Lance (L) - 4.0%

Malmesbury, Wilts.  Athelstan (B) - A best bitter with a fruity character, helped along by the generous addition of malted wheat.

Killer Cat Double Seven (B) - A double IPA with mouth watering citrus & tropical fruits.

Milestone. Lion's Pride (B) - 3.8% A bright copper refreshing summer time pint.

New Bristol Brewery, Bristol. Japan (L/Cloudy)) - 4.8%. A new beer from a new brewery. It's a Jasmine Tea infused pale ale. It's unfined, therefore expect it to be cloudy.

Theory of Negativity (D) - 5.3%. Another brand new beer. An American brown ale, which uses U.S. Cascade and Citra hops.

Potbelly, Northamptonshire. Crazy Daze (L) - 5.5%

Severn Valley, Glos. Dursley Steam Bitter (B) - 4.2%

Severn Sins (D) - 5.2% A dark stout.

Slaters, Stafford. Haka (L) -


Top Totty

Squawk, Manchester. Porter (D) - 5.5%

Three Castles, Wilts. Lightening (L) - 4.8%  A new beer. No tasting notes.

Saxon (B) - 4.0% Seemed to have lost the Archer part of it's name. A balanced easy drinking session ale with a hoppy/fruity palate.

Spring Daze (L) - 4.1% A caramel aroma with a hoppy/citrus taste.

Vale Ale (L) - 4.3% A golden coloured smooth ale with a strong floral aroma.

Three Daggers, Wilts. Daggers Ale (B) - 4.1%

Daggers Edge (B) - 4.7%

Tiny Rebel, Wales. XLPA (L) - 4.0%  It stands for Extra Light Pale Ale.

Waen, Wales. Landmark (L) - 5.5% An award winning IPA, full of hoppy bitterness & citrus flavours.

W.Berkshire.  Magnificent Mild (D) - 3.8% Full roast flavours coupled with a smooth mouth feel & gentle sweetness.

Mr Chubbs Lunchtime Ale (B) - 3.7% Light amber & moderately hopped with spicy overtones. A good session beer.

Old Father Thames (B) - 3.6% A classic full flavoured amber ale.

Yubberton. YPA (L) - 4.0%



Broadoak. Kingston Black - Med - 7.5%

Cranborne Chase - Med - 6.5%

Gwynt y Ddraig. Dog Dancer - Med - 6.5%




Mates. Jackdaw (Med) - 5.4%

Mr Whiteheads. Heart of Hampshire - Med -



Wessex, Wilts. Dry

Wessex. Medium


Bee Sting - Sweet - 7.5%

Gwatkin. Squeal Pig - Med - 4.5%




This time, as well as providing the usual pork pies, hot pies/slices, filled rolls, etc, our Gwyn & Roger will be running a BBQ, serving burgers, sausages, etc.






Anarchy. Citrastar (L) - 4.1%. Pale amber, with good head. Nose of citrus and grapefruit, with lemon and grapefruit flavour. Fairly light body but very drinkable.

Arran, Scotland. Dark (D) - 4.3%. Earthy malts make up most of the taste here along with a little bit of spice, some bitterness and a touch of caramel and vanilla.

Bewdley, Worcs. William Mucklow's Dark Mild (D) - A dark, sweetish, strong ale with a smooth fruity flavour and slight liquorice after taste.

Bollington, Cheshire. White Nancy (B) - 4.1%. A pale coloured fruity best bitter.

Celt Experience, Caerphilly Wales. Ogham Ash Imperial Russian Porter (D) - 10.5%. Looking forward to this. It's one of the new, experimental, ales from this improving Welsh brewery.

Dark Star, Sussex. Hop Head (L) - 3.8%. An extremely clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. This beer is full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer.

Dickensian, Shrewsbury. Nickolas Nicklebeer (L) - 4.4%. A pale gold fantastic American pale ale.

Durham. White Velvet (B) - 4.2%. A smooth clean tasting bitter with cluster hops.

Empire, Huddersfield Yorkshire. Ooh Matron (L) - 4.2%. A golden blond ale. No tasting notes - must be new.

Fox Fields, Broughton in Furness Cumbria. Walnut Porter (D) - 4.5%. A very drinkable winter porter.

Glastonbury, Somerset. Pale (L) - 6.0%. Smooth dry pale malt. Big peel bitterness, leaning toward marmalade. Light touches of lemon and floralness. Finishes dry. Moderately spicy hop linger.

Gloucester. Black Simcoe (D) - 6.2%.  A Dark IPA, tastes like a tropical storm. Malt: Pale, Crystal, Munich, Carafa Colour: Black Taste: Deep, rich, bitter Aroma: Tropical fruit, pine, berries Finishing Hops: Simcoe, Galaxy, Mosaic IBU: 45 (available Jan/Feb 2014 only).

H B Clark, Sheffield Yorkshire. Swing Low (L) - 4.0%. One brewed especially for the 6 Nations. One for the Welsh to enjoy or will I have to re-name this as Humble Pie !!!

Hop Kettle, Cricklade. Black Adder (D) - 6.7%. A black IPA. Brewed at the back of The Red Lion, Cricklade.

Hop Kettle. Budgies Migration (L) - 4.4%. A southern hemisphere ale. Evidently, a barmaid from The Red Lion, who's nickname is Budgie has gone to Australia, hence the name of the beer.

Malmesbury. Burnavale Hop (L) - 3.8%. A new beer from a new brewery. I believe it's a light floral number. Comparable with Dark Star Hophead ?  Talk to the brewer on Saturday & let him know what you think.

New Bristol Brewery. Oo La La (B) - 4.2%. An amber beer brewed with mainly Marris Otter pale ale malt with a touch of Crystal malt. Balanced, but with a sweet, spicy note & a hint of citrus & herbs which come from the French hop Aramis ( Other Musketeers are available). Oh, & it's got the zest of 40 lemons in it as well.

New Bristol Brewery. Ravens Wing Milk Stout (D) - 7.0%. Divine, full bodied & flavoursome.

Offbeat, Cheshire. Out of Step IPA (B) - 5.8%. An American hopped citrus IPA with a good malty profile. A new brewery this to me. Evidently, one which never stops inventing new recipes & one who's head brewer is a lady (A Brewster, no less).

Purple Moose, N. Wales. Dark Side of the Moose (D) - 4.6%. A dark ruby red bitter full of red fruit berry flavours. A great brewery, in the vanguard of Welsh micro-brewing.

Scarborough, Yorkshire. Chinook (L) - 4.1%. A light clasic bitter. Named either after a big helicopter or a tribe of N.American Indians - You decide.

Shed Ales, Pewsey Wilts. Shed Load #6. (D) - 4.4%.  One brewed by Mrs Shed. Not sure what's in this one, but I'm sure it's nice.

Stonehenge, Wilts. Danish Dynamite (L) - 5.0%.  A light golden, dry, strong ale, slightly fruity with a well balanced hop flavour and bitterness - simply a Top Class Beer which has won several major beer festivals.

Talke o' th' Hill, Staffs. Chocolate Stout (D) - 4.9%. An easy drinking stout with generous lashings of chocolate.

Triple FFF. I Can't Remember (B) - 6.3%. A traditional London Porter, black with ruby highlights. A rich, powerful, very well balanced porter. 4 types of malt give a complex coffee and chocolate flavour, which leads to a slightly smoky, dry roasted bitter finish.

Two Cocks, Berks. Cannonball (B) - 3.8%. Another new beer. A session bitter. No tasting notes. Go on, give it a try.

Waen, Wales. Janner's Pride (B) - 4.0%. Or is it Jenner's Pride - see what I've done there. A malty best bitter with hints of ginger & whisky. A smooth transition to a long hoppy tail.

Wansum, Kent. Black Prince (D) - 3.9%. A classic dark mild with a subtle hoppy finish.

Yabberton, Cotswolds. Yawnie Bitter (B) - 4.4%. A proper deep amber best bitter. Did you know ...... Yabberton is an old dialect word meaning a place with unenviable stupidity. Evidently, the local farmers used to try & extend summer by erecting hurdles to try & wall in the cuckoo.


Abrahalls, Herefordshire. AM (Med) - 6.5%

Abrahalls. Slack Alice (Med) - 4.6%

Circle, Wiltshire. Butchers Boy (Med/Dry) - 6.7%

Circle. Off Level (Med) - 6.7%

Handmade, Wiltshire. Woodbine (Med) - 6.0%

Handmade. Crazy Diamond (Med) - 6.8%

Lilleys, Somerset. Bee Sting Perry (Sweet) - 7.5%

Mates, Wiltshire. Oak aged Raven's Roost (Med/Dry) - 5.5%

Mates. Jackdaw. (Med) - 5.4%

Mates. Red Leg Perry (Med) - 5.2%





1648 Brewing Co, Sussex. Black Velvet - 5.5% A full bodied oatmeal stout. Best enjoyed sitting by the fire on a cold winters night. Don't forget your slippers.

Ashley Down, Bristol. Ashley Vale (L) - 3.7% A light fruity number, unlike Vince (the brewer). One possibly for the lager drinker or even the ladies, or both.

Ashley Down. Plum Porter (D) - 5.2% A special for those winter nights. Port is included in the recipe.

Braydon, Wiltshire. Thrudger (L) - 3.8% Combining Maris Otter malt and Cascade hops, making for a very refreshing, citrus-style beer.

Braydon. Yertiz (B) - 4.1% A triple hopped, well balanced bitter.

Bristol Beer Factory, Bristol. Independence (L) - 4.6% US Style pale ale. Very distinctive pale ale that has been hopped continuously throughout the boil.

Bristol Beer Factory. Nova (L) - 3.8% Light, hoppy and zesty

Dark Star, Sussex. Art of Darkness (D) - 3.5% This is a low gravity beer with a big heart. A range of dark malts bring classic roasted flavours along with a hint of sweetness through the natural complex sugars. Warrior bittering hops are used, along with a blend of the finest aroma hops to add fruit and spicy flavours that are the perfect balance, making this a very drinkable ale.

Dark Star. Winter Meltdown (B) - 5.0%  Brewed with Chocolate and Crystal malts to produce this deep bronze coloured beer with a hint of malty flavour, bittered by the traditional Golding hop varieties, this is a classic strong bitter complimented by the aromatic warmth of Chinese stem ginger.

Gloucester. Cascade (L) 4.8%. A malty best bitter.

Goldmark, Sussex. Hercules IPA (B) - 5.6% A golden hop celebration that is very light and refreshing although it has a strong alcohol content. This is a proper IPA. For those who don’t know, IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale…it’s not dark. Although some breweries produce a dark version, which I quite like.

Hammerpot, Sussex. Bottle Wreck Porter (D) - 4.7% A traditional black porter with chocolate coffee and rich roast malt flavours which warm your cockles. Ahhaaa Jim lad!

Hattie Brown. Mustang Sally (B) - 4.2% A lovely malty bitter & a favourite amongst the locals. I believe this is one brewed by Chas down at Wessex Brewery - the old dog.

Hook Norton, Oxon. Hooky (B) - 3.5% A subtly balanced, golden bitter, hoppy to the nose, malty on the palate - a classic session beer, eminently drinkable.

Long Man. Sussex Pride (B) - 4.5% A strong, complex IPA. Bronze in colour with a fruity nose and full round flavours. The perfect balance between malt and hops.

Mallinsons, Yorkshire. Kohatu (L) - 3.9% Pale blonde with a fruit aroma, medium bitter taste and a hint of light berry fruits. The finish is gently bitter. A very easy drinking session ale.

Malvern Hills. Priessnitz Lager (L) - 4.3% A draft cask conditioned Pilsner-style lager brewed in the traditional way. A well balanced beer, light in colour, with an aromatic finish. Runner Up in Camra 2005 Hereford Beer of The Festival. Vincent Priessnitz was a Silesian peasant who, in 1882, enacted a self cure for broken ribs by wrapping himself in bandages doused in cold mountain water. Priessnitz invented Hydropathy, one of a number of ’alternative’, or more properly ’heterodox curative systems’ popularised in the early nineteenth century in the Malvern Hills.

Milk St, Frome. Funky Monkey (B) - 4.0% Summertime blonde beer which uses lager, malt and organic Perle Hallertau hops. On the nose there's an emphatic citrussy and lemon character with grainy malt lingering in the background. On the palette there's a whisper of grainy malt followed by more citrus (lemon and lime) before the dry finish with developing bitterness and an undertone of citrus fruit. An exceedingly well-balanced blend of malty and hoppy flavours to which you will want to keep returning.

Moorhouses. Blond Witch (L) - 4.5% Moorhouse’s first ever ‘Blond’ ale, this beer is as light as you can get with a lager colour (minus the bubbles). Drinks to the strength of any good White Witch.

Plain, Wilts. Hairy Hooker (B) - 4.1% A rugby special. Amber in colour, sweet, smooth and earthy, with a lingering bitterness.

Red Squirrel, Hertfordshire. Redwood American IPA (B) - 5.4 % Based on a secret Michigan recipe, this original American IPA contains the highest quality malts, combining pale, Munich, Caramalt and pale Crystal malts producing a world class ale which is golden orange in colour, showing complex hoppy aromas with floral and citrus tones with a long lingering finish.

Raw, Chesterfield. Citra Black (D) - 4.4% Hoppy special brewed using Citra Hops it has a strong fruity hop aroma and flavour with a lingering bitter finish.

Raw. Grey Ghost - 5.9% Powerful American hopped IPA with citrus and grapefruit flavours. Smooth and deceptively easy to drink. Award winner - Silver New Brewer Peterborough

Shed Ales, Pewsey. Forkin Best (B) - 4.1%  A deep amber traditional English best bitter with a toffee and spicy aroma and a clean bittersweet taste.

Shed Ales. Shed Loads #4 (B) - 4.2% Alas no tasting notes. It's a new one from Gord.

White Park, Bedfordshire. White Gold (L) - 3.8%  Aromatic hop aroma, light bitterness, grassy and fresh.

Wickwar. Stout (D) - 4.3%  Sweet fudge,milk chocolate and liquorice aroma. Easy drinking, with sweet fruits and chocolate, leading to roasty finish.


Circle, Swindon. Butchers Boy (Med/Sweet) - 7.7%

Circle. Off-Level (Med/Dry) - 6.7%

Gwynt y Ddraig, Wales. Dog Dancer (Med/Dry) - 6.5%

Handmade, Slaughterford, Wilts. C.J.Heavy (Med/Dry) - 7.5%

Handmade. Rough Diamond (Med) - 6.5%

Mates, Wilts. Jackdaw (Med) - 5.4%

Mates. Oak Aged (Dry) - % n.k.

Sherston, Wilts. First Press (Med) - 6.0%

Sherston. Special Reserve(Med) - 7.0%


Lilleys, Somerset. Bee Sting (Sweet) - 7.5%

Mates, Wilts. Red Leg Med) - 5.2%


Hot & cold snacks will be available. Hot pies, slices, Walter Rose pork pies, filled rolls, etc.

The last one was 16th - 18th August & here is the beer list.


Arbor (Bristol). Transatlantic IPA (B) - 6.7%. A strong American hopped IPA. A new beer with no tasting notes available, but as it's from Arbor I'm sure it will be v. interesting.

Banks & Taylor (Bedfordshire). Shefford Mild (D) - 3.8%. A traditional dark mild. A well balanced ale with a roasted malty taste.

Bartrams (Suffolk). Comrade Bill Bartrams Egalitarian Imperialistic Stout (D) - 6.9%. A bold tasty Russian Stout with a mouth filling airy texture. A lot of peppery, chocolate, bitter tastes.

Bristol Beer Factory. Bitter Californian (B) - 4.5%. A hybrid beer between a traditional English Best Bitter & an aromatic Californian Pale Ale.

Cairngorm (Aveimore, Scotland). Black Gold (D) - 4.4%. Prize winning Scottish stout with a wonderful rich dark colour. Smooth bodied with a subtle roasted malt flavour.

Cumbria. Loweswater Gold (L) - 4.3%. Champion golden ale of Britain 2011. Tropical fruit aroma and flavour. Mild bitterness combines with juicy malt.

Dukeries (Worksop). IPA (L) - 4.9%. An easy drinking hoppy IPA.

Fat Cat (Norwich). Marmalade Cat (B) - 5.5%. A full bodied, yet easy drinking ale. A bitter finish with a blend of English & Belgian malts.

Forge (Devon). Lite House (L) - 4.3%. 2010 overall SIBA winner. A golden coloured beer with a good malty balance & a nice hoppy finish.

Frys (Launceston). Blonde Chough (L) - 3.9%. A very light tingly combination of Vienna & best English pale malt. Delicate pineapple & grapefruit flavours with fragrant vanilla & elderflower aromas.

Glastonbury (Somerset). Love Monkey (B) - 4.2%. A golden amber ale with a fruity hoppy aroma.

Irving (Portsmouth). Invincible (B) - 4.6%. A full bodied premium ale. Initial sweet maltiness balanced by subtle hoppy bitterness.

Kennett & Avon (Wiltshire). Dundas (B) - 4.2%. Fruity best bitter with a slight bitterness & citrus aromas.

McConnels (Jarrow). Irish Stout (D) - 4.6%. a rich creamy stout with a long luscious lingering liquorice taste with a chocolate finish.

Oxfordshire. Sundance (L) - 4.3%. A summery flowery light golden ale with hoppy summery flavours.

Partners (Yorkshire). Tabatha the Knackered (L) - 6.0%. It's named after the brewers cat. The beer is a very pale Belgian style tripel beer with hints of coriander. No tasting notes available for the cat.

Ramsbury (Marlborough). Sticky Wicket (L) - 4.2%. Another new beer with no tasting notes. A cricket themed ale. It's nice to see The Aussies taking another beating !!

RCH (Weston-s-Mare). Old Slug Porter (D) - 4.5%. A delicious porter. Full bodied tastes include chocolate, coffee, blackcurrant & black cherry.

Slaters (Stafford). Maravilla (L/raspberry) - 4.5%. Each brew is made with 1700 punnets of Shropshire raspberries, which seems a lot to me. A dark golden refreshing beer with a hint of all that fruit.

Stroud (Gloucs). Last Duel (L) - 3.8%. A fairly sweet light malty beer. Did you know .... In 1807, Stroud was the venue for the last ever pistol duel fought on English soil. The second to this duel, a Lieutenant John Sargeaunt, attempted to borrow pistols from a Mr Jenner, a book seller (probably a dodgy man), but failed. Anyway, the weapons were furnished by someone else & the duel was fought. It resulted in the death of Lieutenant Joseph Francis Delmont & after publication in The Hue & Cry both the "winner" Lieutenant Benjamin Heazle and Sargeaunt fled & died in not many people know that.

Sunny Republic (Dorset). Dorset Cross (B) - 5.0%. A copper red premium ale. Complex with hints of roasted hazelnut, toffee & caramel.

Thornbridge (Derbyshire). Wild Swan (L) - 3.5%. A favourite of mine which I regard as Jaipur's younger sister. A very refreshing white golden bitter. Hints of lemon, herbs & subtle spicyness.

Triple fff (Hampshire) - Pressed Rat & Warthog (D) - 3.8%. Champion mild of Britain 2002. Ruby coloured, chocolate aroma with hints of blackcurrant and plum with a hoppy bittersweet finish.

XT (Buckinghamshire). Eek (B) - 7.2%. A big brown beery monster. The Stephen King of the beer world - Go on scare yourself.



Champs. Badger Spit - 7.5%

GlastonBerry (With a hint of blackberries).

Gwynt y Ddraig. Dog Dancer - 6.5%

Gwynt y Ddraig. Farmhouse Scrumpy - 5.5%

Handmade. Rough Diamond - 6.5%

Lilleys. Bee Sting Perry - 7.5%

Richs. Legbender  - 6.0%

Sherston. Special Reserve - 7.0%

Sherston. First Press - 6.0%

Westons. Country Perry - 4.5%

Worley. Keever (Un cidre francais) - 5.5%




LAST ONE was on Fri 24th MAY - Mon 27th MAY. See what you missed.


Arbor. (Bristol). De Rokerij (D). No tasting notes yet available here.

Arbor. Goo Goo Gjoob (D) - 12.0%. This is the beast of the festival. NOTE. ONLY SERVED IN HALF PINTS. An Imperial Stout. It's got loads of taste, including plum pudding, coffee, bitter chocolate, etc. You get the idea!

Ashley Down. (Bristol). Remedy (B) - 4.0% A malty best bitter, Malty & chesnut in colour. First outing was at the recent Bristol Beer Festival, where it was well received.

Blue Monkey. (Nottingham). BG Sips (L) - 4.0% A pale & intensely hoppy beer with tropical fruit flavours.

Celt Experience. (Caerphilly). Cryf (B) - 4.8% A premium bitter. Well balanced with a lon hop & tangerine aroma to finish.

Celt Experience. Cat Scratch Celt (B) - 5.8% An American red beer from Celt Experience Shapeshifter series of beers. A rare beast to Wiltshire.

Cotleigh (Wiveliscombe), Somerset). Osprey (L) - 5.0% A strong golden ale, rich in flavour with a clean/refreshing character. A hoppy finish with a hint of lemon.

Glastonbury. Love Monkey (L) - 4.2% Another golden one, with a subtle malty caramel flavour along with hints of aromatic vanilla & delicious fruits.

Glastonbury. Thriller Porter (D) - 5.0% A deep, well balanced coffee porter. Nuff said.

Gloucester. Dockside Dark (D) - 5.0% A silky rich, warm, chocolaty ale with a subtle sweetness % a dry roasted finish.

Gower. (Swansea). Gold (L) - 4.5% Quite a new brewery this, starting up in 2011. This is a light thirst quenching beer with citrus flavours and an aroma of Cascade hops.

Gower. Sampson Jack (B) - 4.2% A traditional British copper coloured malty best bitter. The hops are Fuggles & Goldings.

Grainstore. (Rutland). N.I.P. (L) - 7.3% A Barley Wine that's smooth & warming. A balanced blend of the sweet & the bitter.

Grainstore. Rutland Beast (D) - 5.3% It;s a strong dark beer. According to the brewery, it's "mind blowing" - we'll see !!

Hop Kettle (Cricklade, Wilts). Blood Wheat & no Tears (L) - 5.8% A blood orange & chamomile wheat beer.

Hop Kettle. Mississippi Mud Rye (D) - 4.9% A rye porter, dry hopped with Madagascan vanilla pods.

Kennet & Avon. (Seend, Wilts). Dundas (B) - 4.2% Another new brewery. Chas at Wessex has been brewing for them, but they are soon to move into their own brewery soon. This is a fruity best bitter. The citrus aroma being akin to grapefruit & oranges.

Kennet & Avon. Pillbox (B) - 4.0% A pale bitter with a spicy hop aroma & bitter aftertaste.

Leeds. Vienna (D) - 4.0% A fantastic dark European style mild. Whatever that is !

Mallinsons (Huddersfield, Yorkshire). Bramling Cross (L) - 3.7% A golden ale with a light blackcurrant flavour. One for summer days.

Ossett (Yorkshire), Treacle Stout (D) - 5.0% This is a rich robust stout. Black treacle gives it an intense depth & roasted malts give it a coffee flavour. A genrous amount of hops then lends the beer a dry citrus finish.

Otley (Pontypridd). Columbo (L) - 4.0% An easy quaffing session bitter. Straw coloured using Brewers Gold & Styrian hops.

Otley. O3 Boss (B) - 4.4% A chesnut red bitter using American hops.

Plain Ales (Sutton Veny, Wilts). Mild not Meek (D) - 5.1% A strong dark mild. No tasting notes available - not sure why.

Plain Ales. Innocence (L) - 4.0% Evidently, it's a "divine golden summer ale, crisp & refreshing, etc"

Salopian (Shrewsbury). Darwins Original (B) - 4.3% An eclectic blend of hops from all over the world. Crisp & fruity with a malty background.

Salopian. Shropshire Gold (L) - 3.8% This has a floral aromas. Full hoppy flavours with a crisp dry maltiness.

Shed Ales. (Pewsey, Wilts). GJE (B) - 4.1% Literally brewed in a shed. A dark amber ale with toffee & spicy orange aromas. A clean bittersweet taste.

Shed Ales. Kick in the Shed (D) - 4.5% A full on coffee porter.

Sunny Republic (Dorset). Shark Head Pilsner (L) - 5.0% A true cask Pilsner. One for the lager drinkers to try.

Tiny Rebel (Newport, Wales). Cwtch (B) - 4.6% It's Welsh for "an affectionate hug", & ladies & gentlemen we all need one of those don't we. I'm looking forward to having a few cwtches over the weekend. A Welsh red ale using 6 malts & 2 U.S. hops.

Tiny Rebel. F.U.B.A.R. (L) - 4.4% Not a Welsh expression, but U.S. military slang meaning F~~ked Up Beyond All Recognition. Lots of floral hoppy flavours here leading to a dry spicy bitterness.

Three Daggers (Edington, Wilts). Daggers Ale (B) - 4.1%. A malty, hoppy bitter, from a brand new brewery. One for the tickers! We are the first pub, apart from The Three Daggers pub itself to have this beer.

Tomas Watkins (Swansea). Cwrw Haf (L) - 4.2% Crrw is beer & haf is summer, therefore ....... Very light in colour. A blend of Golding, Fuggles & Cascade hops give this ba zesty, citrusy, refreshing taste. Sounds like a summer beer then.

Tomas Watkins. Brewery Bitter (B) - 4.0% Pale amber with a full malty palate. A light fruity bitter.

Two Cocks (Enborne, Berks). Puritan (D) - 4.5% A luxurious stout with notes of caramel & chocolate. Cromwell may not have approved.

Wickwar (Gloucestershire). Bob (B) - 4.0% A good quaffing malty bitter. Very popular in the pub.

Wessex (Warminster). Warminster Warrior (B) - 4.5% This is a chestnut coloured good old fashioned bitter.



Broadoak. Moonshine - 7.5%

Gwynt y Ddraig. Dog Dancer - 6.5%

Handmade. White Label - 5.5%

Handmade. Black Label - 6.5%

Handmade. Rough Diamond - 6.5%

Handmade. Crazy Diamond - 6.5%

Nempnett. Pigs Choice (M) - 6.5%

Nempnett. Harry Masters Jersey (M) - 6.0%

Sherston. Special Reserve - 5.0%

Sherston. Truly Srumptious - 7.0%

Sherston. 1st Press - 6.0%

Thatchers. Cheddar Valley - 6.0%

Pyder - 5.0%


Broadoak - 7.5%

Nempnett. Piglets - 7.0%

Gwatkin. Squeal Pig - 4.5%




Arbor. (Bristol). Breakfast Stout (D) - 7.4% Smoked malts & Brazilian Santos beans are included in this outstanding Imperial Stout.

Arbor. Goo Goo G'joop (D) - 11.0% Arghhhh, danger danger, warning !!! HALF PINTS ONLY. An extreme stout. A chocolate digestive biscuit aroma, the flavours of dense plum pudding, coffee, bitter chocolate & just a hint of marmite. A hoppy finish completes this monster of a beer.

Black Country Ales. (Dudley). BFG (L) - 4.2% A straw coloured quaffing beer with bold citrus hops, a fruity balanced sweetness & a refreshing aftertaste.

Bristol Beer Factory. (Bristol). Milk Stout (D) - 4.5% Another firm favourite at The Crowns. A beautiful creamy full bodied stout, brewed to an old recipe. Extremely easy to drink.

Celt Experience. (Caerphilly). Bleddyn (L) - 7.6% Named after a powerful Welsh king who died in 1075 (the o.g. of this beer). A strong, hoppy, crisp beastie.

Celt Experience. Native Storm (B) - 4.4% A brown robust biscuity beer with a long dry hoppy finish.

Derwent. (Cumbria). Dark Mild (D) - 3.7%. A award winning old Kendal recipe. An old style dark mild.

Devilfish. (Faulkland, Somerset). F.U.D. (L) - 4% ish. Alas this could well be the last ever firkin of Devilfish beer anywhere in the world. Unfortunantly, the brewery has closed and as we were the first pub to take their beers, 2 years ago, we have been honoured to have the last ever delivery. The D in the name refers to Darling (the ex-Chancelor of the Exchequer who imposed the beer duty escalator). I'll leave you to decide what the F.U. stands for.

Hop Kettle. (Cricklade). Flapjack (D) - 7.6% A strong coffee, chocolate, oatmeal stout. Another beer from this new micro situated behind The Red Lion - a real haven for real ale.

Hop Kettle. Tricerahops (L) - 4.1% No tasting notes, but it sounds like it could be a hoppy beast with horns.

Ordnance (Bridgwater). Detonator (L) - 3.8% A light session thirst quenching ale. The first beer brewed by this new brewery.

Ordnance. JDAM (L) - 5.0% A very very hoppy golden beer. HINT !  If you don't like hops, you won't like this one.

Oxfordshire. (Marsh Gibbon). Marshmellow (B) - 4.7%. A favourite with many regulars. A classic best bitter with a lingering smooth bitter taste.

Oxfordshire. Six Nations Porter (D) - 5.0% A velvety smooth but spicy porter with notes of vanilla.

Piddle. (Dorset). Piddle (B) - 4.1% A full bodied amber beer with a sweet malty fruity caramel nose. A resinous hoppy finish.

Saltaire. (Shipley, Yorkshire). Blackberry Cascade (L) - 4.8% An American pale ale infused with a hint of blackberries.

Saltaire. Triple Chocoholic (D) - 4.8% Chocolate malts & cocoa impart a strong chocolate bouquet & a rich smooth taste.

Shed Ales. (Pewsey, Wilts). Kick in the Shed (D) - 4.5% A coffee porter. No tasting notes for this new beer from this new brewery. It's all been good so far, so this should be another fine beer.

Squirrel. (Hertfordshire). Mr Squirrel (B) - 4.3% A premium chestnut bitter with hints of caramel and vanilla.

Three Castles. (Pewsey, Wilts). Love Beer (L) - 4.0% If you missed Valentine's Day, forgot the flowers, ate the chocies, then buy him/her a late pressie, a pint of foaming ale. A smooth blond session beer.

W.J.King. (W.Sussex). Winter's Tale (L) - 4.1% Pale golden bitter. With citrus hops & a light malty aroma.

Wentworth. (Rotherham, Yorkshire). Best Bitter (B) - 4.3% A mid brown traditional Yorkshire bitter with toffee overtones.

Wold Top. (Driffield, Yorkshire). Voluptuous Vicky (D) - 4.4% A cheeky dark smooth ale. A slight malty taste with a hint of roast barley.


Gwynt y Ddraig. Dog Dancer - 6.5%

Handmade. Crazy Diamond - 6.5%

Mr Whitehead. Heart of Hampshire - 6.0%

Sherston. First Press - 6.0%

Sherston. Special Reserve - 7.0%

Sherston. Truly Scrumptious - 7.0%


Broadoak. Perry - 7.0%

Gwatkin. Squeal Pig - 4.5%


Locally produced sausages (within a few hundred metres), from John Iles & Son. Flavours will be Plain Pork, Pork & Apple, Pork & Leek & Pork, Ginger & Spring Onion.           Definitely NO HORSE.


Hot & cold snacks will be available. Hot pies, slices, Walter Rose pork pies, filled rolls, etc.







Arbor Ales (Bristol). Artisan (B) - 4.8% A premium bitter made using Munich & Cara malt & citrucy hops.

Arbor Ales. Coal Scuttle Porter (D) - 6.9% This beer has been aged in cognac barrels for 10 months. tastes of berry fruits and has grassy hop aromas. Far too easy to drink at this strength.

Ashley Down (Bristol). November (B) - 4.6%. New from Vince. Autumnal in nature. A nutty brown bitter.

Ashley Down. Pale Ale (L) - 4.4% A pale ipa styled beer. Good balance of hop & malt giving a nice bitter finish.

Ashley Down. Porter (D) - 5.6%. Another brand new one from Vince, made with the collaboration of a couple of his mates. The kitchen sink is believed to have been included in this brew.

Betjamen (Wantage, Oxon). Poetry in Motion (B) - 5.5% A red IPA. No tasting notes available. Let's hope it's a good 'un.

Braydon (Wootton Bassett). Yertiz (B) - 4.1% An easy drinking session bitter. Triple hopped & well balanced.

Dark Star (Sussex). Revelation (L) - 5.7% An American Pale Ale. A multi award winner. Bags of aroma & flavour. Smooth & v. drinkable.

Dark Star. Winter Meltdown (D) - 5.0% Brewed with Chocolate & Crystal malts with ginger & other warming spices to conjure up a bit of early Christmas cheer.

Growler (Suffolk). Old Growler (D) - 5.0%.

Hop Kettle (Cricklade). Triple Cherry Porter (D) - 4.7% Cherry wood smoked porter. Uses 3 types of cherry creating a balance of sweet & sour flavours with a good dark malty backbone.

Hop Kettle. N.Z.IPA (L) - 5.7% A strong New Zealand hopped IPA. Very light, refreshing & dangerous.

Lymestone (Staffs). Foundation Stone (L) - 4.5% A golden blond beer. Aromas of caramel and pine with a new dry earthy finish.

Milton (Cambridge). Sparta (L) - 4.3% A v. refreshing pale bitter with lots of hops giving a crisp bitter taste.

Old School (Lake District). Headmaster (B) - 4.5% Nutty aromas with a hintv of chocolate. A good best bitter from a new brewery.

Oxfordshire (Marsh Gibbon). Pride of Oxford (L) - 4.2% A golden ale with a biscuity/fruity taste. One to tempt lager drinkers.

Slaters (Staffordshire). Colombia (D) - 4.5% A rich velvety coffee stout made with freshly ground coffee beans.

Three Castles (Pewsey). Autumn Daze (B) - 4.4% Woodland fruits, bitter malts & a dry finish.

Three Castles. Knights Porter (D) - 4.6% A smooth malty beer with hints of spicy dark fruits. A hoppy aftertaste.

XT Brewing Co (Thame, Bucks). 4 (B) - 3.8% A multi, award winning amber bitter. Very addictive.

XT Brewing Co. 6 (B) - 4.5% Red ruby beer. Malty & smooth with a cascade hop finish.

XT Brewing Co. 9 (D) - 5.5% Brewed using 9 malts, including Belgian Aromatic & Swedish Gotland Birch Smoked - very continental. A big malt aroma on a bitter, balanced hop finish.


Brigdefarm. Medium - 6.5%

Grays. Medium - 6.5%

Handmade. Crazy Diamond - 6.0%

Handmade. Rough Diamond - 6.0%

Little Thornham / Moonraker - 6.8%

Orchard Pig. Philosopher - 6.5%

Sherston. First Press. - 6.0%

Sherston. Special Reserve. - 7.0%


Black Rat - 7.5%

Broadoak - 7.5%



BEER & CIDER FESTIVAL -  Last one was on Fri 24th - Mon 27th August 2012. Here's what we had.


Arbor, Bristol. Oyster Stout (D) - 4.6% A pub favourite. A malty award winning chocolatey stout. Brewed with a blend of grains and hops plus oysters are added for the last 15 minutes of the boil.

Arbor. Single Hop Stirling (L) - 4.0%. An American single hop. A pale golden beer brewed with Maris Otter malt. I'm sure this will be another goody from this excellent brewery.

Ashley Down, Bristol. Bitter, aka Vince (B) - 4.2%.  A firm favourite at the pub. This is a very tasty, easy drinking hazelnut coloured best bitter. For those of you who have not come across Vince, the brewer, he is a enthusiastic hobby brewer who brews an ever increasing number of beers in his double garage.

Ashley Down. Pale Ale (L) - 4.3%. A golden ale, not yet tried at the pub. No tasting notes, but I'm sure it will be of Vince standard.

Burton Bridge, Burton on Trent. Thomas Sykes. (L) - 10.0%. Yes 10%. Originally brewed for the now closed Thomas Sykes pub. A very strong straw coloured barley wine style beer. Earthy & sherry notes. Be careful with this one.

Cotleigh, Somerset. Owlszatt - Not Out (L) - 4.4%. A golden IPA. Robust fruit flavour with a lemon/honey nose.

Cotswold Spring, Glos. Aviator (L, Lager style) - 5.0%. A cool, crisp, refreshing Cologne Kolsch style real lager. Beer of the Chipping Sodbury festival 2012.

Dancing Duck, Derby (D) - 4.5%. A deep, rich Oatmeal Stout. Caramel & liquorice flavours combine with a toffee & roasted coffee finish.

Dark Star, Sussex. Hophead (L) - 3.8%. A classic clean drinking pale golden ale. Floral elderflower notes. A great easy drinking ale from one of the country's top breweries.

Devilfish, Somerset.  Apachi (L) - 5.0%. The Bath CAMRA Festival champion 2012. An American IPA, containing a lot of American zingy hops. The name comes from APA = American Pale Ale & CHI = Chinese for dragon/devil.

Empire, Huddersfield Yorkshire. Python - 4.0%. Absolutely nothing is known about this beer, so fingers crossed. Perhaps we should have a mystery beer at each festival.

Goddards, Isle of Wight. Scrumdiggity. (B) - 4.0%. The name comes from the word that describes the feeling of relief of having a pee after "holding on" for a long time. A refreshing, easy drinking bitter. An aroma of freshly rubbed hops that carries on through to the aftertaste.

Great Western Brewery, Bristol. Old Higby (B) - 4.8%. Brewed using Boadicea hops. This is a full flavoured dark bitter.

Mighty Oak, Essex. Oscar Mild (D) - 3.7%. CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain 2011. A wonderful mellow, moreish dark mild. Very smooth.

Oakleaf. Pot, Kettle, Black. (D) - 4.8%. A smooth easy drinking dark lager style. This is a brand new beer, so lets hope it's good.

RCH, Weston-super-Mare. East Street Cream (B) - 5.0%. A full bodied malty, hoppy beer with a sweet aftertaste. First brewed to celebrate the 500th guest beer at The Dartmouth Inn, Newton Abbot, but why call it East Street Cream ? Perhaps the pub is in East Street - who knows ?

RCH, Hewish Mild (D) - 3.6%. A pub favourite. A dark mild with some hoppiness & a clean finish.

Slaters, Stafford. Original (B) - 4.0%. A good drinking amber best bitter with a malty aroma. A hoppy taste develops into dry finish balanced by a touch of sweetness.

Slaters. Maravilla (L-Fruit) - 4.5%. Brewed with 1700 punnets of Staffordshire raspberries giving a subtle fruity sweet taste.

Slaters. Retro Red (B) - 5.7%. A traditional strong red English beer.

Three Castles, Pewsey. Heritage (B) - 4.2%. A traditional English bitter with a smooth taste. Chesnut brown in colour.

Three Castles. Stoned (L) - 4.4%. Straw coloured. A well hopped ale with bitter overtones. There are citrus and lemon grass flavours that linger with this summer ale.

Tring, Hertfordshire. Half Timbered (B) - 4.2%. A bitter sweet taste character which comes from the Progress hops. A refreshing ale named in honour of William Huckvale, an architect responsible for many of the black and white half-timbered buildings in the Tring area.

Wentworth, Yorkshire. Callisto (L) - 3.9%. A late substitute here, but nothing is known about it.

PLUS. We are running The Real Ale & Cider Bar at Chippenham River Festival this year. There will be beers from Box Steam & Plain Ales, as well as a selection of ciders/perry, wines & soft drinks. Bar open 12.00 - 17.30 on Sat & Sun, 25th & 26th.

Beer Type code.

D = Dark (Mild/Stout/Porter)

B = Bitter

L = Light/Golden ale


Bridgefarm Dry - 6.5%.

Bridgefarm Medium - 6.5%.

Broadoak. Moonshine - 7.5%.  Medium/Sweet.

Grays Medium - 6.5%.

Grays Sweet - 6.5%.

Gwatkin. No Bull - 4.5%  Medium.

Gynt y Ddraig. Dog Dancer - 6.5%.  Medium.

Handmade. Rough Diamond - 6.0%.  Medium/Dry.

Handmade. White Label - 5.3% (A Breton style cider).  Medium/Sweet.

Orchard Pig. Philosopher - 6.5%. Medium.

Sherstons. Special Reserve - 7.0%.  Medium.


Broadoak Perry - 7.5%.  Medium/Sweet.

Mr Hiteheads. Midnight Special - 5.0%.  Medium/Dry.





THE LAST FESTIVAL WAS FRI 1ST JUNE - TUES 5TH JUNE.  - Here's the list. See what you missed..

Arbor. Bristol. Full O' Beans (D) - 3.6%. An English mild. Very smooth with the malltiness combining with the coffee producing an extremely drinkable beer.

Arbor. Goo Goo Gjob (D) - 11.0%. A very very strong Russian stout, I suspect named after a Walrus - themed Beatles song. No tasting notes, but I'm sure it will feature liquorice, coffee, & be lush.  I recommend only to be drunk in halves - Will be expensive !!

Arbor. Old Knobley (D) - 4.5%. An award winning dark ruby old ale. Named after a famous old oak tree. Crystal, chocolate and black malts combine with Fuggles, Challenger & E. Kent Goldings hops. Another very good beer from Arbor.

Ashley Down. Bristol. Best Bitter (B) - 4.4% A very tasty best bitter from the ever improving Bristol micro. A quaff-able ale known as "Vince" by the locals.

Ashley Down. Primrose (L) - 3.9% A light hoppy beer from the Vince stable, well suburban garage actually. It's pub name is "Vince Off-Spring" as coined by Sal.

Bristol Beer Factory (BBF). Bristol. No. 7 (B) - 4.2%. A tasty toffee & nutty ale. The taste is well balanced with a smooth hop bitterness & aroma.

BBF. Sunrise (L) - 4.4%. Golden ale with biscuity malt flavours and citrus hops. Pioneer and Goldings hops combine.

Blakemere. Cheshire. Brown Ale (D) - 4.4%.  A smooth malty brown ale, which is all I know about it.

Blakemere. Gold (L) - 4.3%. A deep golden hoppy bitter. No tasting notes available.

Celt Experience. Caerphilly, Wales. Bleddyn 1075 (L) - 5.6%. Named after Bleddyn ap Cynfyn, a ruler of parts of Wales who died in 1075. The beer is a strong pale ale with a generous helping of U.S & N.Z. hops. A crisp sweetness with delicious citrus aroma. It's supposed to be akin to Thornbridge's Jaipur, which sounds good to me.

Dark Star. Sussex. Espresso Stout (D) - 4.2%. A blck beer brewed with roasted barley, Challenger hops and Arabica coffee beans. Not everones cup of tea.

Devilfish. Somerset. Bombshell (L) - 4.5%. Using hops from the USA, this fruity beer has a slight lemony zingy aftertaste. Very refreshing.

Devilfish. Jubilee Be ER (B) - 4.2%. The bandwagon jumping jubilee beer from Devilfish. No tasting notes.

Fat Cat. Norwich. Meow Mild (D) - 4.3%. A classic English mild. Soft malt aromas with a hint of caramel. Norfolk honey is added to round off the finish.

G.W.B. Bristol. Bees Knees (L) - 4.2%. Brewed with Mexican orange blossom honey. A refreshing rounded v. drinkable beer.

G.W.B. Hambrook Pale Ale HPA) (L) - 4.0%. A very light beer. A bitter, full bodied beer with a clean taste of zesty hops.

Goddards. Isle of Wight.  Ale of Wight (L) - 3.7%. An aromatic pale ale. A refreshing beer, with summer evenings in mind.

Houston. Glasgow, Scotland. Peter's Well (B) - 4.2%. Champion Best Bitter of Britain 2011. A refreshing pale ale with the aroma of freshly cut grass and warm floral hop notes. A dry zesty finish.

Inveralmond. Perth, Scotland. Lia Fail (D) - 4.7%. A multi-award winiing dark ale. This malty beer is well balanced with sweetness & chocolate notes. Lia Fail is Gaelic for the "Stone of Destiny", upon which the kings of Scotland were crowned.  Apparently, it resided in England between 1296 - 1996 after Edward 1, "the Hammer of the Scots" nicked it.

Kelham Island. Sheffield. Night Rider (D) - 4.5%. Based on the champion sister beer, Pale Rider, roasted barley has been added to produce this lovely smooth stout with a chocolate after-taste.

Liverpool Organic. Liverpool. (L) - 24 Carat Gold - 4.2%. Slightly sweet, well hopped with a lingering finish with spicey orange notes.

Montys. Montgomery, Powys, Wales. Manjana (B) - 3.9%. A nut brown bitter. Malty, but with a balanced hop bitterness.

Montys. Mischief (B) - 5.0%. A golden strong bitter with an initial punch of hops on the pallet and subtle malt aftertaste. Easily quaffable.

Montys. Sunshine (L) - 4.2%. Another multi award winner. A golden hoppy floral beer with a refreshing tang and dry finish.

Plain Ales. Wiltshire. The Wifes Bitter (B) - 3.9%. A red ale with summer fruits & hints of tartness. Loads of bitter hoppiness.

R.C.H. Somerset. P.G. Steam (B) - 3.9%. A session ale with floral hop aroma and medium bodied hops.

R.C.H. Santa Fe (D) - 7.3%. A dark ruby ale with a pleasant bittersweet aftertaste.

Slaters. Staffs. Diamond Jubilee (B) - 4.3%. A traditional English bitter, just the way her Majesty would want it.

Slaters. Top Totty (L) - 4.0%. Banned from the House of Commons, but not here. It's controversial banning must have done wonders for Slaters sales. A full bodied blond ale with voluptuous hop aroma. Ripe & fruity. Easy on the palate.

Six Bells. Shropshire. Big Nev (L) - 3.8%. A pale golden ale. Grassy aroma, full hop flavour & a dry finish. Named after the brewery boss, Neville, who must be big.

Towles. Bristol. Berrow (B) - 3.9%. A new brewery this & not featured at The Three Crowns before. A pale brown session ale with fruity flavours and bitterness on the palate.

Towles. Old Smiler (B) - 4.1%. A dark amber ale with marris Otter malt and Fuggles hops. Malty undertones and refreshing bitter finish.

Titanic. Stoke-on-Trent (L) - 4.1%. A wheat Beer, so be prepared for cloudiness. A multi CAMRA & SIBA award winner. The malt & hop combination gives this beer a real refreshing taste.

Wessex. Wiltshire. Russian Stoat. (D) - 9.0%. An old favourite. This is a bit of a beast, although not the strongest on offer this time. Lots of liquorice, treacle and rich chocolate here with hints of cherry,coffee & sour cream.  - Sounds like a cake recipe.

Wickwar. Gloucestershire. Penny Black (D) - 5.0%. The supreme champion British winter ale 2008. A smooth full bodied porter with overtones of roasted coffee and chocolate.

Wold Top. Yorkshire. Gold (L) - 4.0%. An award winner. A summer special. Soft & fruity with a hint of spice. It would be great with a curry. (Perhaps with Amy's Curried Scotch Egg - if there are any left !!).

& a few reserves, just in.

Braydon Ales - Mooned Up Mild (D) - 3.6%

Braydon Ales - Aunty Betty (B) - 4.2%

Box Steam - Tunnel Vision (B) - 4.2%

Box Steam - Golden Bolt (L) - 3.8%

Box Steam - Piston Broke (B) - 5.0%



Bridgefarm. Dry - 6.5%

Bridgefarm. Medium - 6.5%

Broadoak. Bristol Port - 6.0%

Broadoak.  Crazy Goat - 6.8%

Broadoak. Old Bristolian - 7.5%

Handmade. Rough Diamond - 6.5%

Handmade. Porters Perfection - 6.5%

Mr Whitehead. Boxing Dog - 7.5%

Mr Whitehead. Blackberry Cider - 4.0%

Stroud. Slug Trap - 4.8%

Westons. Bounds - 4.8%

Westons. Trad Scrumpy - 6.0%


Broadoak.  Perry - 7.5%

Gwynt y Ddraig. Two Trees - 4.5%

Hecks. Farmhouse Perry - 6.5%

Mr Whiteheads. Novo Pyrus - 7.0%


Filled Rolls, Amy's Scotch Eggs, Walter Rose Pork Pies, Hot Pies, Slices, etc.



The last beer festival was.  THE WINTER WARMER WEEKEND  on 24th - 26th February 2012.

The List was.

Arbor. Bristol.  Winter Warmer (D) - 6.5%. No tasting notes available, but I'm sure it will be a good 'un.

Ashley Down. Bristol. Primrose (L) - 3.7%. An experimental light hoppy beer from the Vince stable, well garage actually. I'm sure it will be good & Vince will welcome any feedback. it's pub name name could be Vince's Off-Spring (Get it) as suggested by Sal, but let me know if you have a better idea.

Box Steam. Wiltshire. Golden Balti (L) - 3.8%. Based on the light straw coloured bitter, Goplden Bolt, but with some spicey additions. Evidently, a perfect drink to accompany a curry, which is a bit of a shame as no curry is on sale here, but you could try a pork pie or one of Amy's Curried Scotch Eggs. This beer was brewed as a one off for that pub chain beginning with the letter W, but don't hold that against it.

Box Steam. Wiltshire. Tunnel Vision. (B) - 4.2%. A popular, proper bitter.This award winning beer has a clean taste with a slight bitterness on the palate.

Cheddar Valley. Somerset. Totty Pot (D) - 4.5%. A rich dark porter with roasted malt character with subtle hop highlights.

Dark Star. Sussex.  Black Coffee Pilsner (D) - 4.8%. A dark lager brewed with Czech malt hops & yeast. The natural coffee flavour of unfiltered dark Budvar is enhanced by the addition of coffee beans after fermentation.

Dark Star. Sussex. Partridge Best Bitter (B) - 4.0%. A session bitter using malts & hops & brewed in a traditional Sussex stylie.

Devilfish. Somerset. Stingray (B) - 5.5%. A seasonal full flavoured fruity malty blend, with a deep tasty finish.

Dorset Piddle. Dorset. Silent Slasher (L) - 5.1%. A blond, lager style beer. The hops give a floral aroma. Sweet with a refreshing dry bitter finish.

Downton. Wiltshire. Chocolate Orange (D) - 5.8%. You get "what it says on the can", distinctive chocolate & orange flavours in this dark luscious stout.

Frog Island. Northampton. Shoemaker (B) - 4.2%. Celebrating Northampton's shoe making industry. An easy drinking session beer enhanced by a lasting , bitter aftertaste.

Keystone. Wiltshire. Gold (L) - 4.0%. A refreshing gold coloured hoppy beer full of citrus and floral aromas.

Keystone. Wiltshire. Cheer Up (B) - 4.6%. Brewed to welcome the lengthening days. A tawny, malty beer with a hoppy finish.

Mighty Oak. Essex. Oscar Wilde (D) - 3.7%. The CAMRA National Champion beer 2011. A lovely mellow, nutty, moorish dark mild. Brewed using Marris Otter, Crystal & Black malts & Challenger hops.

Otley. Wales. Oxy-Moron (D) - 5.5%. A black style IPA, using German Carafa malt & 5 types of hops.

Plain. Wiltshire. innocence (L) - A refreshing crisp summery golden ale.

Potbelly. Kettering, Northants. Old Barsteward (B) - 4.5%. A full flavoured chesnut bitter using quadruple malts & a late addition of Golding hops.

Rother Valley. Sussex. Chocolate Porter (D) - 4.7%. No tasting notes here, but it sounds like it will be nice.

Rudgate. York. Ruby Mild (D) - 4.4%. A soft rich complex ruby mild - A bit of a favourite of mine.

Severn Vale. Gloucestershire. Severn Sins (D) - 5,2%. SIBA Supreme National Champion beer 2008. A dark, malty stout with roasted barley flavours & spicy hops.

Stonehenge. Wiltshire. Danish Dynamite (L) - 5.0%. A light golden, dry, strong ale. It has a good balance of hop & bitterness - simply a classic. Another multi award winner.

White Horse. Oxfordshire. Black Horse Porter (D) - 5.0%. A rich ruby coloured porter. A balance of roasted grain & Kent hops gives a fruity smooth aftertaste.


Plain. Innspiration (B) - 4.0%

Devilfish. Best (B) - 4.2%

Devilfish. Gold (L) - 4.2%

Cheddar. Potholer (L) - 4.5%

White Horse. Wayland Smithy (B) - 4.4%

Severn Vale. Severn Nations (B) - 4.4%

Asley Down. Best Bitter, aka Vince (B) - 4.2%

Box Steam. Dark n Handsome (D) - 5.2%

Otley. O 3 Boss (B) - 4.4%


Thatchers - Cheddar Valley - 6.0%

Broadoak. Old Bristolian - 7.5%

Gwynt y Ddraig. Happy Daze - 4.5%

Broadoak. Moonshine - 7.5%


Lilleys. Bee Sting - 7.5%

Broadoak - 7.5%

Westons. County - 4.5%


Filled rolls, Hot pies/slices/sausage rolls, pork pies plus Amy's scotch eggs. Plus the usual crisps, picked eggs, onions, cockles, etc.



The last Beer Festival was The Fur & Feather Festival of Beer & took place on November 18th (Fri) - 20th (Sun). See what you missed.

The List was..........


Allendale. Black Grouse (D) - 4.0% - Hints of coffee & chocolate with an oak aged aroma.

Allgates. Twitter & Busted (L) - 4.0% - A seriously hopped straw coloured ale.

Angus Ales. Birdie 3 (B) - 4.1% - A subtely flavoured pale ale with crystal & roasted barley. Fuggles hops are used.

Banks & Taylor. Fruit Bat (L) - 4.5% - A straw coloured beer. Maltyy & fruity with a raspberry twist.

Blue Monkey. Evolution (L) - 4.3% - A premium pale ale. Deliciously fruity and well hopped which gives a citrusy aroma and lingering bitterness.

Bristol Beef Factory. Ultimate Stout (D) - 7.7%. - No Fur or feathers here, but you have to say, it's a bit of a beast. Strong, dark, unctious and delicious. Hints of coffee, chocolate and dark fruits.

Castle Rock. Screech Owl (B) - 5.5%. - A traditional I.P.A.

Cotleigh. Honey Buzzard (L) - 4.5% - A copper coloured ale infused with local Wiveliscombe honey. A subtle bitter sweet finish.

Cotswold Spring. Vixen (D) - 4.8% - A rich warm brown beer. Toffee apple fruitiness with a spicey dry-peppered finish.

Country Life. Golden Pig (L) - 4.7% - A full bodied smooth golden ale.

Exeter. Avocet (L) - 3.9% - An organic real ale. A light, citrus tasting example.

Exmoor. Beast (D) - 6.6% - Chocolate & Crystal malts combine with Goldings, Chocolate & Brewers Gold hops to give aromas of toffee, treacle, Mocha coffee, vinous fruits & chocolate.

Exmoor. Stag (B) - 5.2% - Biscuity maltiness on the palate with hints of chocolate, toffee and a warming fruitiness.

Exmoor. Wild Cat (B) - 4.4% - Fuggles hops provide a full earthy bitter taste.

Hunters. Pheasant Plucker (D) - 4.3% - Hints of caramel in this warm, rounded, yet delicate dark strong ale.

O'Hanlons. Firefly (B) - 3.7% - Technically there is no fur or feather here. I know, it's an insect, but I think that's close enough.. Anyway, it's an amber ale with a clean, complex and creamy finish.

Otter - Bright (L) - 4.3% - A light fruity beer with a refreshing bitterness.

Purple Moose. Dark Side (D) - 4.6% - A delicious dark ale with a deep malty flavours.

Quantock. Plastered Pheasant (D) - 4.8% - A deep ruby premium ale with a hint of pear aroma and a full cocoa smooth taste.

Quantock. Royal Stag (B ) - 6.0% - IPA style. Full flavoured and generously hooped beer.

Teinworthy. Gun Dog (B) - 4.3% - A light bronze ale full of Goldings hops which gives it a flowery/fruity finish.

Wolf. Grandma's Rich Porter (D) - 5.0% - A bitter porter with milk chocolate & pear drops hints. A dry bitter finish with roasted malts to the fore.



Bounds Scrumpy - 4.8%  ON

Broadoak. Medium - 6.0%  ON

Broadoak. Moonshine - 7.5%

Broadoak. Old Bristoloian - 6.0%  GONE

Gwynt y Draig. Dog Dancer - 4.5%

Gynt y Draig. Happy Daze - 4.5%

Moles. Black Rat - 6.0% ON

Richs. Legbender - 6.0%  ON

Thatchers - Cheddar Valley - 6.0%


Black Rat - 7.5%

Broadoak - 7.5%  ON

Two Trees - 4.5%  ON

Westons. Country - 7.4%



The last Festival took place on the 26th - 29th August 2011 and here is the list of ciders, perrys and beers. See what you missed.


Ben Crossman, Home Orchard Special - 7.0% Med/Dry

Broadoak, Moonshine - 7.5% Med

Broadoak, Medium - 6.0%

Broadoak, Kingston Black - 7.5% Med

Gwynt y Ddraig, Dog Dancer - 6.5% Med/Dry

Gwynt y Ddraig, Happy Daze - 4.5% Med

Lilleys, Crazy Goat - 6.8% Med

Orchards, Wye Cider - 6.6% Dry

Richs, Farmhouse - 6.0% Sweet

Richs, Legbender - 6.0% Dry

Thatchers, Heritage - 4.9% Med

Weston, Old Rosie - 7.3% Med/Sweet

Westcroft, Janet's Jungle Juice - 6.0% Med


Broadoak - 7.5% Med/Sweet

Hartlands - 5.5% Med

Hecks, Blakeney Red - 6.5% Med

Hecks - 6.5% Med

Lilleys, Bee Sting - 7.5% Med

Moles, Black Rat - 7.5% Med/Sweet


Arbor, Bristol. Black Eyed P.A. (D) - 6.5%. Created with large amounts of Maris Otter, Cara and Carafa malts. Loads of hops are added prior, during and after the "boil". I guess that makes it pretty hoppy, but it's black !!!.

Ashton Down, Bristol. Best. aka Vince (B) - 4.4%. The brewer, Vince, says it's "very good". I'm sure it is. This is a very new micro brewery & we have had the Best before, but a 3.8% version. It proved to be popular with the locals who christened it "Vince".

Beartown, Cheshire. Bear Ass (B) - 4.0%. A ruby red, malty bitter with a good hoppy nose and fruity flavour. A dry bitter after taste.

Betjeman, Wantage. Sebastapol (D) - 7.0%. An Imperial Russian Stout. One of four specially commissioned beers to celebrate The Scots Guards being awarded the freedom of Wantage. Each beer is named after battles that Lord Wantage V.C. fought in the Crimea as a Scots Fusilier Guard. Brewed by Old Forge (UK).

Black Country, Dudley. Pig on the Wall. (D) - 4.3%. A chestnut brown mild with a complex flavour of light hops giving way to a bitter sweet blend of roasted malt with suggestions of chocolate and coffee undertones. Named after a pub, where Black Country legend has it that the folk here used to treat porkers as part of the family, even to the extent of putting one on the garden wall in order that it had a better view of watching a band go by.

Box Steam, Wiltshire. Tunnel Vision (B) - 4.2%. A well rounded traditional bitter with a clean taste of bitterness on the palate.

Butts, Hungerford. Barbus Barbus (L) - 4.6%. Named after a fish, a Barble infact. This hoppy, well balanced beer was originally brewed to celebrate the start of the coarse fishing season.

Butts, Hungerford. Jester (B) - 3.5%. A light refreshing session bitter with a citrus aroma ans a hoppy sharp finish.

Cairngorm, Inverness. Sheepshagger (L) - 4.5%. The brewery says that this is the best beer baa none, but they would wouldn't they. A continental style beer with good body and a refreshing aftertaste.

Cairngorm, Inverness. Caillie (L) - 3.8%. A session bitterwith a smooth bitter aftertaste. A new beer this.

Castle Rock, Nottingham. Black Gold (D) - 3.8%. A SIBA Gold Medal winner. A well balanced mild ale with some bitterness and a full body, but not overly sweet. This ale delivers a light refreshing taste to one of the more traditional of beer styles.

Dark Star, W.Sussex. Hophead (L). - 3.8%. An extremely clean drinking pale golden ale with strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops.

Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. Jurassic Joule (L) - 5.0%. A burnished hoppy beer for those sunny summer days - some hope !!

Isle of Purbeck, Dorset. Studland Bay Wrecked (B) - 4.5%. A deep red amber ale with rich malt and caramel flavours, combined with a subtle spicy aroma.

Lodden, Oxfordshire. In Yer Face (L) - 6.0%. No notes. A seasonal American hopped IPA.

Milk St, Frome. Ra (L) - 4.3%. A summertime golden beer, brewed with locally grown, organic malt and German hops. It has a full bodied crisp malty base with notes of lime. The finish is refreshing crisp and dry.

Milestone, Newark, Notts. Old Oak (B) - 4.1%. A dark oaky ale with a bitter finish.

Orkney. Dragon Head Stout (D) - 4.0%. A truly classic black stout. Brimming with roast malt flavours but balanced with a complex hop blend.

Oxfordshire, Marsh Gibbon. Churchill (L) - 4.5%. An award winning I.P.A. brewed to give a citrusy fruit, malty, spicy moreish thirst-quenching taste. Brewed in association with The Churchill Heritage, the ale is a tribute to Winston.  No fighting on the beaches please.

Ridgeway, Oxfordshire. Foreign Export Stout (D) - 8.0%. Roasted malts and hops provide an aroma of coffee and spices that fade to licorice, caramel and raisin notes.  Sounds nice.

Three Castles, Pewsey. Sand Castles (L) - 5.0%. A summer blond beer with complex grapefruit and citrus flavours.

Waylands Sixpenny, Dorset. Gold (L) - 4.2%. A superb golden ale with refreshing citrus notes and floral hoppy aromas. Brewed using American hops.

York. Yorkshire Terrier (B) - (B) - 4.2%. A multi award winning golden coloured premium bitter with a rich creamy malt and full hopped palate finish. Have a pint on Loki, our own pub dog, who happens to be a Terrier, all be it, a Jack Russell.



And the one before was 27th - 30th May 2011. See what you missed.

Arbor Ales, Bristol - Breakfast Stout  7.4% (D)  -  A rich blend of oats, smoked malts, Brazillian Santos coffee beans and cacao nibs. An outstanding stout.

Ashley Down, Bristol - Bitter  3.8% (B) - A new beer from a new micro brewery, infact it's in the garage at the bottom of a surburban Bristol garden. The beer is a good bitter - Watch out for the brewer on Saturday afternoon.

Atomic, Warwickshire - Fission  3.9% (L) - A refreshing golden ale with rich citrus flavours. A blend of American Cascade and ount Hood hops.

Avon Brewery, Bristol - Gurt Lush  4.5% (L) - It's a shame, as one Bristol brewery arrives, another goes (or maybe not). This 6 barrel plant is up for sale - any offers ???  We have had this beer before. It's  golden beer brewed with organic malt and hops.

Avon Brewery, Bristol - Redcliffe  4.0% (B) - A new beer that looks like it won't be around for very long, so tickers sharpen your pencils.

Blindmans, Somerset - Mine Beer  4.2% (B) - A good best bitter. Full bodied copper coloured malty ale.  -

Box Steam, Wiltshire - Chuffin  4.0% (B) - A full flavoured bitter. Chesnut brown with a fruity aroma and smooth rich taste.

Box Steam, Wiltshire - Funnel Blower  4.5% (D) - The vanilla sweetness contrasts nicely with the slight bitterness from the roasted barley and chocolate malts.

Box Steam, Wiltshire - Tender Mild  3.6% (D) - No tasting notes, but if you remember The Royal Box that was on recently - it's the same beer. I'm sure Ruth will soon get us some notes for this one.

Braydon Ales, Wiltshire - Pot Walloper  4.4% (B) - A ruby red bitter with rich malty undetones (I remember them - My perfect cousin, etc).

Bristol Beer Factory, Bristol - Acer  3.8% (L) - A real hoppy one here. Soracchi Ace hops give this bee a ripe tangerine taste. Infact very tasty for a ,comparitively, weak beer.

Bristol Beer Factory, Bristol  - Independance  4.6% (L) - Another new beer and another hoppy one. This American Pale Ale is dry hopped to within an inch of it's life, bringing out bags ofcitrus flavours.

Burton Bridge, Burton on Trent - Sovereign Gold  4.0% (L) - A straw coloured beer with a citrus aroma and a dry bitter finish.

Celt, Caerphilly - Native Storm  4.4% (L) - Evidently - This beer has a refreshing mouthfeel complemented by a powerful hoppy aroma with a long dry hoppy finish. Maybe something good can come out of Wales.  -  ON

Cotswold Spring, Glous - Old Sodbury Mild  3.9% (D) - The SIBA National Supreme Champion Beer 2011.  An unusual mild made with oats, rye & dark malts, flavoured with English Bramling Cross hops. Blackcurrant notes in the aftetaste.

Devilfish - Bomb Shell  4.5% (L)  -  A new brewery, originaly based at Winsley, but now moved to Faulkland, Somerset - We missed the lauch - Damm. A refreshing blond beer, light in character, yet strong in taste.

Devilfish - Devil Best  4.2% (B) - Taditional bitter using a fine blend of hops & barley.

Fuzzy Duck, Lancashire - Mucky Duck  4.0% (D) - A dark stout. A slightly sweet taste with chocolate and coffee notes from the roasted malt.

Hammerpot, Essex - HPA  4.2% (L) - A light, golden, tangy pale ale with a full fresh hop flavour.

Hoggleys, Northamptonshire - Reservoir Dogs  4.3% (B) - A light cpper coloured ale. Deep dryness and strong bitterness followed by a sweetening aftertaste of dark malt. A lively exciting beer with a hoppy ending.

Hook Norton, Oxfordshire - Old Hookey  4.6% (B) The flag ship beer of the brewery. A very popular strong beer, smooth on the palate, the hops nicely balancing the caramelly malt.

Lymestone, Staffordshire - Cobblestone  4.7% (B) - A brown ale. Full of roasted Marris Otter malt, chewy toffee flavours yield to intenseb Nugget adFuggle hops. Originaly brewed for a competition run by the pub chain that mustn't be named (Begins with W) & it won "Beer of The Potteries".

Milk Street, Somerset - Zig Zag 4.5% (D) - A popular porter in this pub. Well recommended.

Northumberland - Strawberry Blond  4.0% (L) - A very refreshing pale ale. Alledgedly, popular with the ladies.  -  OFF. Something wrong with this beer, therefore it's been pulled.

Northumberland - Gold  4.0% (L) - A golden, mellow ale with a slight citric finish.

Oxfordshire - Gold  4.2% (L) - A light golden beer with delicate floral and citrus aromas.

Slaters, Staffordshire - Queen Bee  4.2% (L) - A golden beer, using Staffordshire honey. The sweetness balanced by Challenger, WGV and Cascade hops, giving a spicy hoppy aroma leading to a gentle bitter finish.

Slaters - Premium  4.4% (B) - Malty rich amber coloured beer with hints of caramel and a complex fruit hop aroma.

Stonehenge, Wiltshire - Danish Dynamite  5.0% (L) - A strong golden ale. Slightly fruity with a well balanced hop flavour and bitterness. A top class, multi-award winning beer.

Titanic, Stoke on Trent - Last Porter Call  4.9% (D) - This is a late replacement for the Plum Porter, which I was particularly looking forward to. Never mind, I'm sure this is a goody, I suspect it's the Plum Porter without the plum. A dark. strong, well rounded beer with the addition of Goldings hops.  -  TAPPED. Was aboutv to go on, but turns out not to be a porter. Methinks, they have sent us the wrong barrel.

Titanic - Chocolate Vanilla Stout  4.5% (D) - This sounds goog. A fresh fudge nose, with burnt roasted malts, coffee cherry, some cocoa powder and a touch of red currant. Some vanilla in the middle & a hoppy ending - Sounds like a cake recipe.  Oh, and the vanilla is from Madagascar.

Warwickshire - Kingmaker  5.5% (B) - An amber ale. Marmalade and milk chocolate aromas, sweet marmalade taste with a sweet burnt whisky cask finish.

Warwickshire - Lady Godiva  4.2% (L) - An aromatic golden ale, biscuity malty taste with lingering bitterness.


(D) = A dark beer (Porter, Stout or Mild).

(L) = A light beer (Hoppy or golden style beer)

(B) = Bitter (Malty)



Broadlands - Broadside  6.5%

Broadlands - Crimson King   ?%

Broadoak - Moonshine  7.5%

Broadoak - Bristol Port  6.0%

Broadoak - Old Bristolian  6.0%

Black Rat - Scrumpy  6.0%

Gwynt y Ddraig - Black Dragon  7.2%

Gwynt y Ddraig - Farmhouse Medium  6.0%

Orchards - Wye  6.6%

Thatchers - Cheddar Valley  6.0%

Tutts Clump - Special Reserve  6.0%

Tutts Clump - Farmhouse  6.0%

Tutts Clump - Royal Wedding  7.0%

Tutts Clump - Repress  3.5%



Black Rat - Perry  7.5%

Broadoak - Perry  7.5%

Gwynt y Ddaig - Two Trees  4.5%

Hecks - Perry  6.5%

Orchards - Perry  6.0%






And the one before. - See what you missed.   Winter Warmers Festival 18th-20th February

Arbor - Festival Mild 5.2%
Yakima Valley IPA 7.0%

Best Mates - Scutchamers Knob 3.6%

Crouch Vale - Brewers Gold 4.0%

Hoskins - Grandad Tom's Porter 5.0%

Peakstone - Submission 5.0%

Potbelly - Captain Pigwash 5.0%

RCH - PG Steam 3.9%
Old Slug Porter 4.5%

Sarah Hughes - Dark Ruby 6.0%

Tower - Malty Towers 4.4%

Tring - Legless Lal's Winter Ale  4.5%

Tryst - Brockville Pale 3.9%
Carronade IPA 4.2%

Vale - Black beauty 4.4%
Black Swan 3.9%

Wickwar - Penny Black 5.0%

Wolf -Woild Moild 4.8%